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“Home will be fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. Doc said I’ll be fine as long as I keep up the shots.”

“Okay,” he replied, pursing his lips.

She knew he was holding back. It was unlike him, but she was glad. She really didn’t want to get into an argument with him. It was nearly three a.m., and all she wanted to do was climb between the covers and sleep until noon. She hurried out of his car as they pulled into her driveway and fished around for her keys, giving him a little wave as she let herself in.

Dropping her bag on a nearby table, she locked the door and went to wash her face and brush her teeth. Looking in the mirror, she could see how disheveled she looked. The dark circles under her eyes made them almost look like someone had given her a couple of shiners. She found herself, once again, glad that Travis had left rather than see her like this. It was probably bad enough what he had seen while she was passed out.

She envisioned her tongue hanging out and eyes rolled back in her head. It was horrifying, but somehow, comical. She laughed at her reflection in the mirror and headed out to bed, falling asleep almost as quickly as she climbed between the sheets.

The next thing she knew, she was waking up just before noon. She had thought she’d still feel tired, but instead, she felt amazing. Perhaps the shots did a lot more than she had thought or been told. She’d have to ask Doc the next time she went in for one.

Retrieving her phone from her bag, she pulled out her phone and looked at it. There were messages from her mother, father, and Mike checking on her, but much to her surprise, there was also one from Travis on Alpha Meets Omega. She smiled as she read it.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t stick around after you woke up. I thought you might feel awkward since we just met. I’d love to see you again when you feel better. If you want to send me your number, I’ll call you later.”

She called her parents to let them know she was fine and then messaged Mike before making herself a quick sandwich and grabbing a bottle of water. She was starving and dying of thirst. Jumping into the shower, she thought about how Travis had looked last night and found her fingers wandering lower to touch herself as she thought about what it might be like with him.

Well, what it might be like with anyone, really—but especially him. Her fingers explored her own breasts and pussy, enjoying the way the hot water caressed and warmed her skin as she tried to quell the sexual tension she was feeling. As usual, she came away frustrated, unable to get herself off.

How pathetic. Not only had she never had a man inside her to give her an orgasm, but she couldn’t even give herself one.

She groaned and finished rinsing off before climbing out of the shower. She looked at her phone, now plugged into the charger by her bedside, and picked it up.

“I’m much better. Thanks for your help last night. Here’s my number.”

She typed in her cell number and put the phone back down, still thinking about him as she dried her hair and got dressed. Older, gorgeous, more worldly than her. What would it be like to finally give herself to an Alpha, to be his, for one night, for one month ... forever?

Was she really willing to ever give herself completely to a man like that?CHAPTER SEVENTravis

Travis was surprised to hear from her so soon. He hadn’t even been sure she would respond at all. Granted, he’d done nothing wrong last night. It wasn’t if he had drugged her or something, but it wasn’t exactly a terrific way to end a date. She was bound to be embarrassed by it all, though she needn’t be.

Compared to spending the last five years doing pretty much everything personal in at least partial view of someone else, he’d lost a great deal of modesty, though he’d not had much to begin with. She was much more innocent than him. It was a part of his attraction to her. She wasn’t tarnished and tainted by the horrible things in life.

“Hey, brother, can we talk?”

Travis turned to find himself looking at Carl Metcalf, one of the members of his pack council, second in line to the Alpha of the pack. He had a long history with Carl, including the fact that if not for him, he’d have never been allowed back into the pack. It was Carl who stood up for him, pointing out that there would have been a lot of unnamed people who would have gone down for the charges that had all been accepted by Travis in their place.

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