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“You’re all class,” he joked.

“That, I am. See you in the morning. Be ready to go when I get there,” he said, then adding, “Oh. It’s a breakfast meeting, so no need to eat beforehand.”

“Good to know. Was that in the contract too?”

“No, smart ass, but you’d know that if you read it.”

“Yeah. Yeah. See you in the morning, Carl,” he replied before ending the call.

His thoughts drifted back to Kat. She’d sounded a bit annoyed there at the end, and he puzzled over what he might have said to create such a change in her tone. She’d been pleasant one moment and then seemed to go cold on him. Maybe she was still just a little out of sorts about the way things had ended. It certainly wasn’t his choice. If he’d had his way, things would have gone way differently when he’d taken her home.

Sitting back on the sofa, he let his thoughts wander off to what she might feel like as his hands slipped into the waistband of his pants and massaged his cock through the material of his boxer briefs, picturing her long blonde hair and ample breasts. He wondered how they would feel in his hands, imagined how her nipples would harden against his tongue. He’d not been much interested in women since he got out, feeling like a disgraced Alpha who had to prove himself before he was really fit to date.

He wasn’t sure what he had been looking for on Alpha Meets Omega. Eventually, he’d loved to meet a woman, settle down and start a family, but right now, he didn’t have much to offer. Kat made him forget all about that. He had been so at ease with her, like they’d been meant to meet, and perhaps more. Time would tell.

For now, there was only the physical attraction he’d not been able to act upon. He’d wanted to, had even considered that she might invite him in and show him what he’d been missing while he was locked up. He knew it was shallow to think about her in such coarse terms, but he was an Alpha wolf. He was a sexual creature, and that had been pent up for far too long.

He could find someone to scratch the itch, even considered it, but he found that he wasn’t as interested in that as he would have thought. It was her that interested him. It was her that he found himself wanting.

He closed his eyes and let his hand drift up and down the length of his cock, feeling it surge to life in his hands as he began milking it in slow, even strokes. He envisioned her mouth wrapped around the top of it, licking it as she looked up at him with those big doe-like eyes, her innocence in stark contrast to her sexual expertise at bringing him to a climax.

His stroke increased as he imagined her sucking his cock, her beautiful breasts bouncing as she bobbed up and down the length of him. How wet would she get while she pleasured him? No doubt she’d stop before he orgasmed, begging to be fucked. There was nothing he’d like better than to push her across the bed and slip his hard cock between her lovely legs, plunging into her warm depths and pumping in and out until he exploded inside of her.

The vision of that stayed in his head as he brought himself to orgasm. He was sated, but not completely. The release had been hollow, something physical in place of something so much more meaningful that he now craved. He’d only spent one evening with the woman, and she had somehow vexed him. It was something he’d not felt in a very long time, not since his first love.

The thought of her brought with it the melancholy that her memory always invoked, and he pushed it away. She had haunted his dreams for far too long. When would he ever be able to let her go?CHAPTER TENKat

“Is he going to be okay, Doc?” Kat asked.

“He’ll be fine as far as the accident goes, nothing but bruises and injured pride,” he replied. “How is the house?”

“Not good. He hit it right in the corner where the kitchen is, destroyed the remodeling Mom and Dad did last year. Needless to say, they’re a bit angry with him.”

“Understandable. Listen, Kat, Mike’s tests aren’t going to come back clean. We both know that. I know that you and your brother are close. Maybe you should talk to him about seeking some help.”

“He won’t listen to me, Doc. He knows he’s out of control, but he doesn’t want any help. I don’t know what he was taking tonight, but I could tell he was zonked out of his mind on something. I can’t believe he drove right into the corner of the folks’ house.”

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