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“Fine,” he said, not taking his eyes off of Travis, though he was speaking to Vivianne. “Those aren’t your clothes. You’ll need to give them back to wardrobe.”

Travis heard a snicker from one of the crew members but didn’t turn around. He kept his eyes locked on the director, who scowled as assorted women’s lingerie and a robe were tossed at his face from behind Travis.

“Come on, Travis. We’re going home.”

Travis turned to see a naked Vivianne walking with her head held high back toward the car. She turned toward Bob as she passed him.

“Please retrieve my things from my trailer and meet us at the car,” she barked.

Bob looked stricken. Whether it was because he had been relegated to fetch duty or the fact that the woman he was sexing up on the down-low was bare-assed naked and strutting through an entire film location to her car, wasn’t clear. Travis was just having a tough time not laughing at this point.

By the time they arrived at the car, he was decidedly less amused. Her little tantrum back there was going to cost him this job. So much for being on the way up and out of the mess that had landed him in prison. What a load of crap. He sat in the front seat by the driver and scowled, Vivianne naked and crying in the back. Bob couldn’t handle that carnage.

Where was he? It was taking too long. Feeling like he was being selfish, Travis slipped off his coat and passed it over the back seat to Vivianne.

“Here, put this on until Bob can get back with your clothes,” he told her.

“Thank you,” she sniffled, taking the jacket and slipping it over her front rather than putting it on.

The driver passed her some tissues and she slowly gathered herself. After what felt like an eternity, Bob returned with her clothes and bag. He held up Travis’s coat in front of her while she got dressed and then passed it back.

“Thank you, Travis,” he said on her behalf.

“No problem,” Travis replied.

“Let’s get out of here. The other guards are in the back car just waiting for us to roll out,” Bob said.

There was complete silence in the car as they returned to the hotel. He was about to lose his job, but at least maybe he’d have the day free to help Kat finish what they’d already started. He wasn’t surprised in the least to be called to Vivianne’s room before he’d even had a chance to check on Kat.

“I need to have a talk with everyone,” she said, perhaps as demure as he’d ever seen her.

So, this was it. The firing. He wanted to skip the fanfare and go on his way but Bob nudged him along, and he joined them in her suite. Of course, as he stood there thinking about it, she had mentioned she was there for another project, so perhaps he would be kept on for that.

“Well, I got my panties in a bunch, I suppose. I could go back and plead for the director to overlook my outburst, but I won’t. I’ve had enough of this nonsense. So, I’m going to have to let you all go.”

So much for being kept on. She was apparently going to fire the whole crew. It told him that it had all been vanity anyway. She’d known she had no need for a four-man entourage. It had just been her way of looking more important than she really was.

“I wish you all good luck. Your rooms are paid through the end of the week if you wish to stay and make use of them, and you’ll be bought out, per your contracts,” she continued. “Thanks for all of your help.”

With that, she turned and disappeared into the adjoining room behind them, and Bob walked the three of them to the door. The two others were bound for the bar, but he declined. His side was sore, and he was annoyed. He wanted nothing more than to check on Kat and maybe climb back into bed for some much-needed rest. Bob stopped him out in the hallway to talk for a moment.

“Thank you for what you did for her in the car. It may not seem like it to you, but she’s not a monster. She’s been through a lot lately.”

“We all go through things. You have to suck it up sometimes when other people’s livelihoods rest in your hands,” Travis replied, unmoved.

“My guys will be fine. They have great references and will move right on to another contract with a tidy severance package from her. Your contract will buy you out per the liability clause. You should be happy. Your contract was negotiated in your favor. Getting canned was the best thing that could have happened to you.”

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