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He woke her up an hour later, shifting to face her and kissing her softly on the side of her neck. A shiver ran down her spine as he placed a soft bite just behind her ear and continued nibbling his way down across her shoulder. Her body responded, the rut still very much in control of her libido.

She was wet already, her body preparing for what was to come. Travis didn’t waste much time on foreplay, slipping into her from behind and filling her pussy with his massive cock. She could feel his girth pushing her apart, dividing her as he pumped in and out of her aching center.

She wondered what it felt like with him when she wasn’t in rut; was it this powerful? Was the intensity so much that she could think of nothing else but him inside of her? There was no sense to any of it. They’d not even talked about birth control since the original incident. There was something primal about their coupling. It wasn’t just about sex; it was about mating. It was about so much more than just the act of fucking. The reasonable part of her wasn’t ready to have children, but the rut skewed that perspective. Her body wanted to be pregnant. It was as if it were out of her control from a mental standpoint.

When he came inside of her, it was if she could literally feel her uterus contract, trying to drink in his seed. Her body wanted his sperm to fill her up, wanted him to put babies inside of her as if she were incomplete without them. She craved his virility, his strength. Each stroke filled her with an insane need to have more of him, to fuck him again and again until she was carrying a part of him inside of her. It was crazy, and yet, she couldn’t help herself.

His hands covered her breasts, kneading them as he pushed into her and slipped almost free again. Her legs shook as she came, flooding her thighs so many times that she lost count as she bit the pillow to keep from screaming with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Lying like this, with her legs closed, made her even tighter against his massive tool. It was almost unbearable as he took her from behind.

The mixture of pleasure with pain sent her into overdrive. The more he gave her, the more she wanted. He could be gentle. She loved the slow way he kissed her, the way he seemed to enjoy just exploring her skin with his hands and his mouth. The simple truth was that, as strange and quick as it might sound, she loved him.

Her body tensed, building up to the explosion that would result from his continued pumping of her sensitive pussy, still swollen and sore from their first night together. It was somehow exhilarating to walk around on wobbly legs, having little physical flashbacks of how he felt inside of her. There was something magical about the way she longed for him whenever she wasn’t in his arms.

She could feel his knot forming again, pushing apart her center as he prepared to come inside of her. His hips thrust forward, and he let out a loud groan, perhaps just as much from his still-recovering injury as it was from his climax. She felt the warm flood fill her, seeping into her womb where it might or might not pierce into her fertility. His arms wrapped tighter around her as they lay there, locked together as one, and she decided to take the chance to say what she felt.

“I love you, Travis.”

“I love you too, Kat,” he replied without a moment’s hesitation.

She smiled against the pillow, drifting back off to sleep with him still inside her soaked pussy. This was good. This was the right thing. There was not a doubt in her mind that they would spend eternity together, making love at every opportunity.CHAPTER TWENTY-THREETravis

“You ready to go see Mike?” Travis asked her when they woke up later, after a quick call to his pack buddies.

“I am,” she replied.

“Alright, let’s get dressed and head that way,” he replied, throwing off the covers and standing up to stretch.

Kat lay on her side and smiled up at him. He was so beautiful with his tanned skin and colorful tattoos that caressed his body. She was a lucky girl.

“Have they heard anything from the bears?”

“No, nothing yet. Word is that it was a section of the pack that had gone rogue even for the kind of shit those guys get into. I think we did them a favor by taking them out.”

“I hope so. If that’s true, perhaps this is over.”

“I sure hope so. I don’t care to be in a war with bears, but at least they know we aren’t scared to come for our own.”

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