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His kiss was light, and he stroked her body gently. The feel of his work-roughened hands on her skin was electric, and she found herself not only welcoming his touch but also seeking it. His tongue reached out to caress her lips. He whispered erotic words that sent a spark through her body. Gradually, relaxation gave way to excitement and the strongest ache in the center of her body. She began moving to the music he made with every touch.

“As gorgeous as you look in this, it has to come off,” he whispered, tugging at the hem of her shirt.

It all had to come off because she didn’t want anything between them. She wanted to be skin to skin with him, all her scars and imperfections exposed to his eyes. It was all right because Harry understood nothing perfect was real. She didn’t have to pretend with him.

The way she’d loved taking care of his leg. There was nothing ugly about his scars. Each one proved he’d survived. She sat up and dragged the shirt off, leaving her in nothing but the cotton undies she’d dried with the hair dryer. “Have I told you how gorgeous you are, Harry?”

His eyes were on her breasts. “I think that’s my line. I think you’re lovely, and it’s only partially about how good you look. I also adore how good you are with a jigsaw.”

And she loved how easily he could make her laugh. Although she was getting good with saws of all kinds. She’d managed to keep all her fingers.

“Just one more thing,” he said, his fingers going to the waistband of her undies. He eased them off and tossed them aside before taking her in his arms again. “That’s what I want. You feel so good. So right.”

There was nowhere his hands didn’t stroke, nowhere his lips didn’t caress.

When he bent down to take her nipple in his mouth, Sera nearly came off the bed. She had never been particularly sensitive there, but now she was on fire. Her fingers tangled in his hair, but he did nothing to hold her back. He sucked strongly on the nipple before turning his attention to the other.

He kissed his way down her body, lavishing her with affection.

“I’m ready now, Harry.” This was lust. This terrible, wonderful excitement had to be lust. She wasn’t thinking about how he would hold her afterward. She was thinking about how much she wanted him inside, to be surrounded by this magnificent man. “I want you so much.”

His blue eyes darkened, and his muscled body was taut with restraint.

He shook his head. She could see the strain he was under, but he still refused. “Not yet.”

“Please.” She was begging and she didn’t even care. All that mattered was this crazy connection she felt to him.

“Is this better, baby?” Harry spread her legs and slowly pushed a finger into her. When he had gently gone as far as he could, his thumb reached up to stroke her pleasure point. She gasped at the sensation. This was what she needed. He added a second finger and gently stretched her. In and out. In and out. Over and over and over again. All the while that lazy thumb made long, voluptuous circles that took her breath away and robbed her of her higher faculties. There was nothing but this man and this moment. Her hips came up, seeking more of him, more of this insane pleasure.

“I bet this will be even better, baby.” He lowered his mouth, replacing his thumb with his tongue. “I knew you would taste sweet.”

The firm, velvet stroke of his tongue caressing her sent her straight over an edge she had never imagined existed. It was the most magnificent wave, and it took over her body, leaving her crying out his name and shaking in its wake.

Just as the final ripple washed over her, she heard Harry groan. His hands were shaking as he reached over to the nightstand and fished a condom out of his wallet. “I have never been so happy my friends have a sense of humor. I swear I don’t normally keep one of these in my wallet.”

She didn’t care. She watched Harry, watched him stroke himself before rolling the condom on. She was deliciously languid as he arranged her legs around his waist and positioned himself. She felt no trepidation as he slowly, carefully thrust into her. She could see by the strain on his face what his tenderness was costing him.

Sera wrapped her arms around him, welcoming him inside.

The rest of the world fell away. This was the way it was supposed to be. Just the two of them, warm and safe and happy. “It feels good. So good.”

“Thank god,” he rasped and then let himself go. He set a hard rhythm, and he grasped her hips to keep them close together. His head was thrown back, and the look on his face sent Sera reeling with joy. She was giving him that pleasure, the same glorious pleasure he had given to her. She pulled him close and kissed him with everything she had. She stroked him and urged him on with her hands and gave him back the erotic words that had aroused her to a fever pitch.

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