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“Hey, Angie. Welcome back. How was your getaway?”

She glanced around as though making sure they were alone. “It was nice. This doesn’t look the way I thought it would.”

She touched the unfinished latticework. As often when working with wood, there was an ugly duckling period before the swan was revealed.

“It’s not done. I promise it’ll match everything. It’s coming along nicely. Are you all right?”

“I don’t know. I get home and I hear that you have a date for my wedding.”

He had not expected pushback from Angie. She seemed so nice. Did she have some sort of problem with Sera? “I was told I could bring a plus one.”

“Yeah, I didn’t imagine that would be Sera. You realize Mom is up to something. She didn’t do this out of the kindness of her heart. She’s never liked Sera.”

He’d been surprised, too, but his aunt seemed vaguely amused with Sera now. “I don’t think she ever gave Sera a chance. Your mom has made it plain that she’s not going to lock Sera out. I’m glad she made the decision to try to be friendly. I thought for sure I would have to fight her on it.”

“Which is precisely why you shouldn’t believe it.”

She seemed so disturbed by the idea of her mother and Sera having any kind of relationship. “What’s behind this? I thought you liked her. I know she speaks kindly of you.”

Angie’s mouth tightened and she was quiet for a moment. “Have you thought about that boy of hers?”

His girlfriend was a single mom, and he was serious about her. He thought about Luc a lot. He wanted to get closer to Luc, but he had to respect Sera’s wishes. “He seems like a good kid. I’ve spent a little time with him, but Sera and I are getting to know each other. She doesn’t want to confuse Luc. We’ll deal with it as we move forward.”

“You need to think long and hard about getting involved with a single mom,” Angie insisted.

“You think single moms don’t deserve to find happiness?” He was flat-out confused at why he was having this conversation with his cousin. Cal had slapped him on the back and congratulated him on getting Sera and his momma in the same room and surviving the experience.

“I think you’re young and she’s looking for more than a boyfriend. She’s a walking, talking instant family. Are you really ready for that? Do you honestly want to give up partying and having fun to change diapers?”

“First off, Luc is three. He’s totally potty trained, but I could change diapers if I needed to. I didn’t have brothers and sisters growing up. If things work out between me and Sera, I would hope she wants more kids. I don’t know if you’ve gotten to know me, cousin, but I don’t party much, and I sure as hell am not some young stud out to get laid. I’m only three years older than Sera. I would think I should be getting a lecture about settling down since I’m rapidly approaching thirty. You’re younger than me and you’re getting married.”

She shook her head. “That’s different. Austin and I are starting our lives together.”

“And Sera can’t start a life because she has a kid? You know you’re allowed to love children you had no part in creating.” He sat back and studied his cousin. “If you don’t want Sera at your wedding for some reason, we can make ourselves scarce that weekend.”

“Do you honestly believe she can fit in here? That my mother will allow her to ever be a part of this family? How will that kid of hers feel when my mom rejects him?”

He felt like he’d been dropped into a bad soap opera. “I seriously doubt Aunt Celeste will reject Luc. He’s kind of adorable. If you ask me, Luc is our secret weapon.”

His aunt wasn’t as cold as she seemed. Her acceptance of him and Shep proved it. Luc could win her over with that big smile of his.

Angie’s eyes had gone wide. “She wouldn’t. Sera wouldn’t bring him here. She knows better than to trust my mom with . . .” She took a long breath and seemed to quell whatever had threatened to take her over. “All I’m saying is you might think long and hard about whether or not it’s fair to bring a child into the middle of our family situation.”

“What exactly is our family situation?”

“I don’t care what games my mom is playing, but she’s never going to forgive Sera for what happened with Wes,” Angie said. “She might pretend because she knows you’ll choose Sera over her, but she’s counting on Sera selling that house and leaving town. She’s counting on this being a short-term relationship, and that’s why you should keep your distance from Luc. He’s been through a lot, and he doesn’t need to lose another father figure.”

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