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“Got it.”

Just before he took off, I placed my hands on his hips and said, “Take it easy. I’ve never ridden before.”

“Don’t worry. You’re safe with me.”

Before I had a chance to brace myself, he whipped out of the parking lot and started towards my place. I’d lived in Nashville for over a year, driven down the same roads we were riding on a hundred times, but everything seemed completely different being on the back of his bike. It was almost like we were in a completely different city. I’d never felt such a rush as I did nestled up behind him, crossing street after street, and I didn’t want the moment to end. Unfortunately, I only lived a few blocks away, and the ride ended as quickly as it began.

He pulled through the old security gates, then looked over his shoulder and asked, “Which one is yours?”

“First on the left.”

He nodded, then pulled up to the first empty parking space and killed the engine. I eased off the back of his bike and removed the helmet he’d given me. As I offered it back to him, I smiled and said, “Thank you for bringing me home like this. I really appreciate it.”

“Don’t mention it.” His sexy little smile sent a shiver down my spine, making it difficult to think. I was so out of it that I almost missed him ask, “How long is your car going to be in the shop?”

“That’s the question of the hour. I’ve called three times, but I can’t seem to get a direct answer from the mechanic.” I rolled my eyes as I complained, “I think he’s giving me the run around because I’m a woman.”

“Where’d ya take it?”

“Mike’s Salvage and Repair.”

Rafe nodded like he knew the place. “I’ll give them a call in the morning and see what I can find out.”

“Thanks. I’d really appreciate it.”

“How you planning to get to work in the morning?”

“I haven’t really put much thought into it.” I gave him a light shrug. “I guess I’ll just catch a cab or something.”

“No need.” He shook his head. “I’ll be back in the morning to pick you up around ten.”

“You really don’t have to do that.”

“I want to.”

His response brought a smile to my face. “Okay, then. I’ll see you around ten.”

“Sounds good.”

I turned and was about to rush upstairs when I felt Rafe’s hand on my forearm, pulling me back over to him. I was just inches from his face when his hand dropped to my ass and he pulled me even closer. Rafe’s mouth hovered over mine, his eyes darting from my eyes to my lips as he muttered, “You know, you never asked me about my type.”

“Your type?” I thought for a moment, then asked, “You mean your type of woman?”

“I certainly don’t mean my type of guy.”

“Well, in that case, you’re right. I didn’t ask.” His eyes were trained on mine as I teased. “So, do hot, bad-boy bikers like yourself even have a type?”


“Ooo-kay.” A playful smirk slipped across my lips as I asked, “Then, what’s yours?”

“I’m looking at her.”

He slipped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer, and every single nerve in my body came alive as I watched him slowly dip down and lower his mouth to mine. The man who’d invaded my dreams for months kissed me long and hard, making my entire body hum with a need like I’d never experienced before. This kiss was filled with a passion that ignited feelings inside me I never even knew existed—a primal desire that lived deep within. Feeling brazen, I let my fingers trail along the curves of his ever-so-defined chest and relished in the sensation of having him so close. His arms wound tight around me, inching me even closer as his tongue found its way into my mouth. I was holding on by a thread, and just as I was becoming completely lost in his touch, he pulled back, quickly breaking our embrace. His green eyes danced with lust as they locked on mine.

He lifted his hand up to my mouth, gently brushing the pad of his thumb across my bottom lip and said, “I’ll see you in the morning.”

I was too stunned to respond. I simply nodded like a startled deer, then rushed up the steps and into my apartment. Unable to stop the storm of thoughts rushing through my head, I leaned back against the door and slid down until my butt hit the floor. I simply couldn’t believe it. I’d known Rafe for over a year, and in all that time, I’d barely spoken to him. He was the kind of man mothers warned their daughters about, but that only made me want him more. Fearing he’d never be interested in a girl like me, I kept my distance and simply admired his hotness from afar. Something told me that was all about to change—especially if Rafe had anything to say about it.

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