Secrets We Keep (Ruthless Sinners MC 3) - Page 56

“There are things you need to understand—”

“Tell me!” I demanded.

“Anthony Polito. I’m sure you’ve heard of him.”

“Can’t say that I have, and to be honest, I don’t want to hear anymore. I’m done with this insanity. If my father wants to get to know me and be in my life, then he needs to be the one who comes here and explains all this to me. Not you.”

“Unfortunately, that isn’t an option.”

“Why not? If he’s so rich and powerful, why can’t he just wave his almighty hand and make it happen?”

“Because he’s dead, Marlowe.” His tone was harsh and merciless as he continued, “The Ruthless Sinners, those good men you were talking about earlier, killed him, and they didn’t do it alone. They had help from another MC in Memphis. They call themselves Satan’s Fury, and like the Sinners, they think they got away with it. They are wrong. Very wrong.”

“Why would they want to kill my father?”

“Like I explained earlier, he’d come to Nashville to expand his empire, but ran into some issues with the mayor and his ex-wife. That’s when Satan’s Fury got involved. A war ensued, and your father was killed. I have to give it to them. Your friends did a great job covering the whole thing up.” I was stunned. I couldn’t believe Rafe and his brothers could ever hurt someone, much less kill them, but there was something about the way Eric spoke that led me to believe he was telling the truth. I shouldn’t have been so surprised by the news. I knew Rafe and his brothers had secrets. That was made clear the minute I started working at the strip club. The whispering, the unspoken gestures and mysterious glances, but I never questioned any of it. I just assumed it was the way things worked, but now, I was questioning everything—especially my ties to Country and Rafe. Eric stood and reached into his pocket for a second box. As he opened it, he continued, “It took me months to piece it all together, but I did. Now, I’m here to finish what your father started, and you’re going to help me.”

Shocked he’d ever think I’d get involved in his shenanigans, I asked, “What makes you think I would do anything to help you?”

“Because you don’t have a choice.” He took a small necklace from the box and started towards me. “If you don’t do exactly as I say, I will kill that twit-brained little sister of yours.”

My stomach twisted into a knot, and there was no hiding the tremble in my voice when I said, “But you’re supposed to be in love with her. You’ve been dating her for over a month. She even called you her soulmate.”

“Your sister is a damn fool. She might think I’m madly in love with her, but in truth, I can’t stand the sight of the pretentious bitch. Regardless, she served her purpose. She got me close to you, and now, I have no use for her or your adoptive parents.” He sounded so cold and menacing as he said, “And in case there’s no love lost between you and them, I’ve added an extra precaution. I’ve secured an explosive to your boyfriend’s bike. One foul move, and he’s history.”

“Oh my God! You’re sick!”

“I’ve been called worse.” He leaned forward to place the chain around my neck. When I tried to stop him, he warned, “This is not a game, Marlowe. I will kill them. I will kill them all.”

Knowing he meant every word, I froze. Once he was done, he walked back and sat down across from me. “Why are you doing this?”

“I was in business with your father for a long time. We were partners of sorts, but he was always more like a father to me than a partner. I was just a kid when he took me under his wing and showed me how to run the business, and he taught me well.” He looked up at ceiling, sighing as he considered a thought, then turned his attention back to me. “I knew just what to do when he came up missing. I slipped into his role and did what needed to be done, leaving no one the wiser that he had never returned from Nashville. In fact, for a while, things had never been better.”

“If things were going so well, why are you here?” I pushed. “Why are you dragging me into all of this?”

“Because your friends have interfered once again. They’ve cost me a great deal of money and time, but that’s all about to change. Now that you’re in the picture, I will have the means to set the business back on the right course again.” A sinister smile crossed his face as he said, “Seems your father was right to lead you here. Your presence is going to be quite beneficial in bringing this thing with the Sinners to an end.”

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