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As I got up and started getting dressed, I was careful to stay away from view of the cameras. I wasn’t even sure where they all were, so it wasn’t easy. I spent most of my time in the bathroom where I knew there was no chance of him seeing me. By the time I was ready, I was eager to get out of my apartment and out of Eric’s watchful eye, but as I headed out the door, I remembered the microphone he’d placed around my neck. Even when he couldn’t see me, he could hear every word I said. I was screwed. There was no escaping him. It was a thought that stuck with me as I walked into work. I’d barely made it behind the bar before Rafe came over to me. “You okay?”

“Um-hmm. I’m fine,” I lied.

“I tried calling.”

“I know. I’m sorry. I just had a lot on my mind.” I put my things under the counter and tried not to seem too out of sorts. “I just needed some time alone to think things through.”

“You know you can talk to me about all this.”

“I do and I appreciate it, but this is something I have to get through on my own.”

His green eyes were full of worry as he asked, “You sure you’re up for working tonight?”

“Yeah, I could use the distraction.” I didn’t want him to think I was pushing him away, so I leaned over the counter and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “I’m good, Rafe. Really, I am.”

“That’s all I need to hear.”

Knowing it was a weekend night, and we’d be busy, I feigned a smile and told him, “I better get to it.”

“Just give me a holler if you need anything.”

I gave him a quick nod, then started prepping the different garnish trays. I did a quick inventory of our liquor shelves and restocked anything that was running low and was just about to check the tap when Lisa stepped behind the bar. “Hey, girl. How you making it tonight?”

“So far so good.” I turned to face her. “Thanks for filling in for me last night.”

“No problem. Glad to do it anytime.” She chuckled and said, “I don’t know if you heard, but your sister put on quite a show last night.”

“A show? What are you talking about?”

Lisa spent the next few minutes telling me all about the spectacle Kate had made of herself the night before. I couldn’t believe my ears. In all the years I’d known her, Kate had never lost control. She was always so together, making sure everyone thought she was the queen bee, so hearing how she’d drank too much and ended up on the stage came as a complete surprise. Lisa shook her head as she said, “I think the guys were a little disappointed when Rafe made her get off the stage.”

“Yeah, I’m sure they were. So, what happened after that?”

“Rafe took her out and made sure she got a cab back to her hotel. From there, I’m not so sure.”

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What’s on your mind?”

I knew Lisa had worked there for years and knew the brothers as well as any outsider could. I hoped she’d be able to confirm the fact that they were the good men I thought they were. “Rafe and his brothers ... They’re not into anything they shouldn’t be, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are they doing anything bad?”

“Bad how?”

“I don’t know.” I was fumbling, and if I didn’t think fast, I was going to end up saying something I had no business saying. I took a breath and tried to collect my thoughts before continuing, “I’ve heard rumors. I’m sure you’ve heard them too. I was just wondering if there was any truth to them.”

“That’s a question you need to be asking Rafe, not me.”

“Yeah, you’re right. I don’t even know why I asked.”

“You’re smart to ask, Marlowe.” She gave me a wink. “You’re just asking the wrong person.”

“Okay, I understand.”

“I will tell you this. Rafe and his brothers are loyal to a fault. If you’re in with them, you’re in. They’ll treat you like family ... love and protect you like you’re one of their own, but a family like that often comes at a cost.” Her eyes locked on mine. “You just have to decide if the price is worth it to you.”

“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”

“Be sure that you do.” She motioned her head towards the door as she said, “It’s show time.”

Seconds later, the first few customers came sauntering in, and it wasn’t long until the place was completely packed. As I filled one drink after the next, I mulled over what Lisa had said about Rafe and his brothers. I knew she was right. Those men had been nothing but good to me, especially Rafe and Country. They’d looked out for me, helped me, and stood by me in a way my own family never had. That thought had me searching the bar for Rafe. My heart swelled when I spotted him over in the corner. He was staring back at me with a longing expression that resembled my own. I was falling in love with him. Actually, I was in love with him and not about to let Eric hurt him or his brothers.

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