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Pretending regret, she brushed her cheek across the hard bulge before rising to her feet, not turning her face forward until she was eye to eye with him.

Giving a disappointed sigh against his lips that made him think she was going to kiss him, she stepped away.

He angrily took a step toward her. “Why did you stop?”

“You wanted to be aroused to gain their release, not yours.” She mockingly indicated the bulge he couldn’t hide.

His eyes narrowed at her satisfied smirk. “Zerina?”

“Hades?” she mocked, smiling as she took another step back from his rising fury.

“I suggest you run to your room and stay there until I give you permission to leave.”

For only a second, she remained where she was, about to ask him to let Jinx and Zora go first. Then she turned on her heel and fled when she saw him coming toward her.

Running from the room, she left the door open, running through the tunnel and toward the safety of her room.

Hades waved a furious hand toward the two women dangling over the pit, both appearing before him.

“Jinx, I won’t give you another warning. Leave now.”

With a frightened scream, she disappeared.

Zora’s exotic face wasn’t frightened. It was filled with lust, her eyes fixated on his bulge. She expected him to use her.

Hades reached for her, lifting her up into his arms. Her mouth turned gloating, just as Zerina’s had when she had gotten what she wanted.

He casually tossed the woman in the air. Her horrified screams filled the chamber as she fell into the hot lava.

With distaste, he wiped his hands from her vile touch, transporting himself into a room in his castle.

“Hades! You came for a visit!”

He was already regretting his decision to come here. He had never forced himself on a woman, and while married to Persephone, he had remained faithful. She had been the one who had strayed, telling him each time she would never do it again. She had lied.

Ixcuina rose from the couch she was lounging naked on. Since he had spoken the words, ending his and Persephone’s marriage, the goddess had become one of his favorite concubines. He used to visit her a few times a day.

His body raging with unrequited passion for Zerina had him clutching her hair, forcing her to her knees. The lust he wanted to spend on Zerina wasn’t possible, but Ixcuina would beg for it. The more carnal the sex, the more she wanted it. Rough, hard, she didn’t care. She just wanted it.

She jerked his pants down from his hips, opening her mouth at the same time and drawing his cock inside. Hades thrust his cock down her throat as she sucked him tightly.

He felt sweat break on his back as he fought the need to jerk out of her mouth and go to Zerina. His lesson had backfired. For the first time in his existence, he wanted to become the monster the humans had called him.

He breathed deeply, stilling his rampaging emotions, his mind going to Zerina’s room, watching her remove her clothes. Ixcuina’s expert mouth would never quench the fire that was in his blood.

Pulling away, he grabbed her waist and pushed her onto the large couch, twisting her until she was on her knees, her ringed pussy turned up to him. Hades pressed his cock against her entrance and pushed inside her with a grunt. He leaned over her, grabbing her plump tits and driving inside her forcefully.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

The rooms of his concubines were soundproofed. The only ones in the castle and the Underworld that were. Hades had learned that lesson when he had first come to earth. It created jealously when his women knew he was visiting another, or had visited one more than the other. The only times they were allowed together was when they were allowed to leave their rooms in the morning to share the pool. They were forbidden to talk about his visits. If one broke the rule, they were replaced.

He made damn sure that Zerina didn’t awake before they were returned to their rooms.

The goddesses sent messages, asking for his favor. He had settled with twelve, which was more than he needed, but he had always been a greedy bastard, even when he had resided in the heavens. He usually kept fourteen, but had sent two packing to make room for Zerina and Jinx. Each woman was chosen for their skill and experience in bed or out of it. He had no intention of bedding Jinx or Zerina.

Ah, sweet Zerina more than deserved the room he had given to her for her beauty alone.

He rammed his cock higher, squeezing her tits as, in his mind, he watched Zerina pull a thin nightgown over her head, the gowns descent stopped by her nipple.

Hades removed his hand from the goddess he was fucking breast, following down the same path Zerina’s gown had made. He took a last look as she tugged it down over her hips while he played with Ixcuina clit, flicking the silver piercing and giving a bite of pain that had her yelling for him to fuck her.

Hades stiffened as he felt his climax boiling over, filling the greedy vessel who took everything he had and clenched down on him, wanting more.

Hades disengaged from her, straightening himself as she turned over, leaving her thighs splayed wide as she stretched out on the couch.

Hades patted her thigh, then waved his hand, redressing himself in his customary suit.

“You’re leaving?” Ixcuina raised onto her knees, trying to reach for him before he left.

Waving her hand away, he gave her a censuring look.

“I’m sorry. It’s just that I’ve missed the time we spent together. I’m not used to you not staying—”

“If you’re growing bored waiting for my attention, perhaps you should return to court.”

“No.” She lowered her voice to the submissive tone she knew Hades preferred. “I’m happy with whatever you deem to give me.”

Nodding, Hades waved his hand and transported himself to his own bedroom. Waving his hand again, he removed his clothes once more before going to his bathroom to shower. He cleaned himself, making sure no trace of Ixcuina was left, and then dried himself as he went back inside his bedroom, waving his hand and using his free hand with the towel to dry his damp hair.

He saw Xochiquetzal appear. The goddess of sexuality looked at him longingly.

“You sent for me?”

“Can you quench this fire inside of me?”

“I will do my best.” She walked toward him seductively, taking his still hard cock in her hand.


“What if you can’t?” Hades mind went back to Zerina’s room, seeing her sleeping.

“Then I will try again and again until I do.”

Chapter 10

The eight ball fell into the corner pocket.

“I win again.” Jinx danced a jig, both hands in the air.

“I believe the humans only do that when they win football games.” Zerina sat her pool cue down on the table in frustration.

“You don’t want to play another game?”

“No, you always win.”

“Spoil sport.”

“You’ve been watching too many of the human movies Grimm gave us.”

“It’s not like I have anything better to do. You’re always reading in the library.”

Zerina looked at her melancholy expression. “Are you getting homesick?”

“I don’t have a home to get sick for. I’m just not used to being confined for so long. I’m used to going back and forth between the fairy world and court. I wonder who Athena is doing now?” Jinx gathered the billiard balls, putting them back on the table.

“Don’t know, and really don’t care.” Zerina threw herself down on one of the chairs by the chessboard. Jinx wasn’t the only one growing tired of being confined. She was wondering what Cara was doing, and what her new brother-in-law looked like. Was he kind to her baby sister? She answered her own question. Cara would never love anyone who wasn’t kind to her. How was Broni doing? What did her husband look like? All she knew about him was his name.

She was about to reach for the king when she saw a black-shrouded figure fly by the open door. It was so quick she blinked, thinking it was a figment of her imagination.

“It’s a wraith.” Jinx sat down in the chair opposite of her.

“Why haven’t I seen them before?” Zerina knew they existed, but she hadn’t seen one since being in Hades.

“They hide from you. Hades must be angry. The wraiths run from him when he is.”

“Why do they hide from me?” She hadn’t done anything to inspire fear in the dark souls who Hades had determined to live their punishment without form or substance.

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