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The barrel-chested man moved to stand in front of him. “Why do you give a shit what I say?”

“I don’t.” Ice felt Buzzard move to stand behind him as Church’s men moved to stand behind Church.

“I think you do. I think you want that sweet pussy for yourself.”

Ice burst out laughing. “Are you on fucking Drano? Her pussy is probably as cold as she is, no matter how sweet it smells. If I’m going to go after a bitch, I want her to cream on my fingers not give me frostbite,” Ice sneered at Church. “Not that I couldn’t make her melt but stuck up bitches has never been my thing.”

“She sure as shit wouldn’t get wet for a dumb-fuck like you. But I see the way she looks at me when the guards aren’t watching.”

The man was dumber than he thought. He was already banging her in his imagination. Men like Church were dangerous—the ones who built imaginary relationships based on their own sick fantasies. Grace was too attractive to have been placed in a room full of men who hadn’t touched a woman in years.

“Keep thinking that, and I’ll remind you of it when they’re dragging your ass to solitary.”

Church’s hands clenched into fists when the sliding door opened and two guards entered. The two men staring each other down wisely moved away from one another, but their heated gazes left nothing to be guessed; the time was coming when they would be facing off against each other.

“What the fuck was that about?” Buzzard lowered his voice so the guards couldn’t hear their conversation.

“He’s going to make a dumbass move on the teacher.” Ice took a seat at one of the empty tables.

“Why do you give a shit?” Buzzard sat down next to him while Jackal moved within listening distance at his back, remaining silent. Jackal always covered his back so if someone was going to stick him while his back was turned, they would have to go through Jackal first. Good luck with that. They would find themselves gutted before they knew what happened. Jackal had the reflexes and instincts of the predator he had been named after.

Ice shrugged. “I don’t, but him being in that class could fuck everything up. I wanted him to take a swing at me. If he’s in solitary, he’s not in class.”

“I thought we didn’t want to confront Church until we had to. He’s not going to stand for being disrespected in front of the others.”

“It was only a matter of time, and I would rather it was on my time.” Ice wasn’t used to explaining himself to his men, but he couldn’t appear soft where the teacher was concerned.

“He’s going to be out to prove he can take you down.” Buzz warned.

“Let him try. I can handle Church. What I don’t need is to get stuck serving the rest of my sentence because she was able to alert the guards. Do you?”

“No, I don’t. I guess you’ll have to use your charm to make her believe we’re all just harmless,” Buzzard joked. Ice didn’t have a charming bone in his body.

Ice’s stony gaze turned to his vice-president. “Max can charm her. If she keeps me from getting out of here, Church will be the least of her worries.”

Buzzard’s mouth snapped closed as Ice stood to his feet, going to his cell.

He wasn’t going to have any fuck-ups; every detail had been planned. The pesky teacher was already taking too much of his attention. He had to get his mind back on track for the job ahead and couldn’t let any woman distract him, even one who had legs that went on for fucking forever and a mouth, which had him hard every time he saw her.

Ice shook all thoughts of her from his mind. He couldn’t afford to become preoccupied with her. His own life and his men’s depended on him keeping his attention where it needed to be. He liked to plan every little detail and she had placed a wrench in his plans. She had made a mistake taking the teaching position; Ice just hoped she lived to regret her mistake.

Chapter 4

Grace sat behind her desk, feeling Church’s steady gaze on her. She had learned to deal with it for the last two weeks but was becoming fed up with the man.

The guard next to her spoke in his handset then motioned to the two other guards, who left the room.

Church raised his hand. Tempted to tell him to send it to her email, she reluctantly stood and went to his desk. His smirk raised her hackles as she leaned over to look at his computer.

His page was a mess. He had only completed a fourth of the page and what he had done was wrong.

She was about to correct his mistakes when she felt his hand on her butt over her slacks. She attempted to take a quick step back, but his other hand came around her hip, holding her still.

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