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A cup of coffee was set down in front of her along with a microwavable Danish. Ice then placed a couple of packets of sugar and creamer in front of her.


“Fade broke into the commissary,” Ice said, watching her tear open the packets of sugar. Her fingers trembled as she tried to ignore the fascination she was beginning to feel for him.

She stared across the room, seeing Fade now attempting to break into another locked metal door. She had noticed him doing it last night.

“What’s he trying to break into now; the storage room for more clothes?” she wisecracked as she took a grateful sip of her coffee after adding both packets of sugar and creamer.

“No, solitary.”

Her gaze went back to Fade working. She hoped he was unsuccessful because she didn’t want another prisoner added to the already-full room. Immediately, she felt guilty. The man in that room hadn’t had anything to eat since yesterday afternoon.

She tore a piece of her Danish off, but both Max and Jackal forestalled her by raising their hands.

“We already ate.” Max grinned.

Grace popped the sweet pastry in her mouth, devouring it within a minute.

“How do you stay so thin with the way you like sugar?” Ice’s gaze swept over her body.

Grace licked the remains of the icing clinging to her lip, shrugging. “I’m lucky, always have been. It makes my mom and CeCe furious.”

Ice’s eyes were focused on her mouth. Self-consciously, she licked her lips again to make sure she hadn’t left any icing on them.

“Damn.” He left suddenly without another word.

“What’s his problem?”

“I think he realized he was hungry,” Jackal said as the men began gathering around the television set.

“What’s going on?” Grace looked at the screen while someone turned the volume up.

“Who is that?” Max asked as the men admired the lithe blonde on the screen. Next to her stood an even taller man with his arm around her shoulder, supporting her. His muscular frame almost filled the small television screen.

“That’s Oceane Fournier and her husband, Dalton Andrews.”

“How do you know who they are?” Max asked Jackal.

“Because I watch his movies,” Jackal answered.

Max stared hard at the screen while Grace stood, her face going ashen.

“He’s the one in those car movies?”

“Yes. Now shut the fuck up so I can hear what the fuck they’re saying.”

“Please, release Adrienne. We will pay any amount of money you want.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ice move to see the television.

“Who in the hell is Adrienne?” Max asked, staring around the room while everyone else’s eyes came to her.

“I am.”

Chapter 8

The reporter on the television screen began talking, thankfully directing everyone’s attention from her.

“If everyone remembers, Adrienne Graciene was the upcoming model who was taking the runways by storm in Paris when she was kidnapped during a vacation with her parents. She was held for six weeks before the authorities finally were able to locate her and rescue her. The two other models she was with were not found alive.”

Grace grasped the chair she was standing behind, praying she wouldn’t pass out as the two women’s pictures were shown, followed by a much younger picture of herself, looking carefree and happy.

“Fuck!” Ice’s harsh exclamation had her wincing, but she couldn’t take her attention away from the screen¸ as the next image was one which had haunted her for years. Leon Winston’s mug shot with his grin for the camera had no regrets for the lives he had destroyed.

“I remember that, the sick fuck,” Jackal growled. “Your dad was the one on TV then, begging for your return.”

Grace nodded yet didn’t answer.

“Please, please, let her go. She’s already been through so much. Don’t put her through any more.” Her mother broke down crying.

Her father moved away from the camera and her brother stepped forward.

“My parents and I would like to thank each of you for your support and any help you may provide for my sister’s safe return. I have personally talked to the warden, and he has assured me he wants an amicable resolution to this difficult situation. I will personally give two million dollars to be divided to those inside who are able to guarantee her safe release. If my sister is hurt in any way, there will be no hole you can hide in. I will destroy you.”

The reporters began screaming questions, but Dax stepped away. The news then started recapping the conference.

“Your brother is Dax Andrews, the movie producer?” Ice asked.


He picked up one of the chairs and threw it across the room. “Damn it to Hell.”

He paced around the room as the men began talking among themselves. Jackal and Max moved closer, edging her away to the table she had been sitting at before her parents had come on the television.

Ice finally came to stand before her, furious. “That’s why you were so calm. This isn’t the first time your life’s been in danger.”

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