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“Baby, if you weren’t a virgin, I’d pound you into the wall.”

“You need to stop, Ice.” At the same time she was telling him to stop, she was pulling him closer.

“I’ll stop, but I’m going to give you something before I do.” His thumb ground against her harder and his finger pumped inside her faster. Adding another finger, he nudged her legs wider apart so he could sink them deeper inside.

“It’s hurting, Ice.”

His mouth closed over her lips, giving her his tongue as his fingers thrust through her hymen, filling her as far as he could reach. His thumb gentled as he began rubbing between the fleshy lips of her cunt.

“Oh…Oh…” She managed to get the small sounds past his lips before he could cover them more tightly.

Thrusting inside her faster, he made her ride his fingers through the storm he could feel gathering. He pressed his hard cock inside his pants against her, letting her feel what she was missing and needing, teasing her with the sensation of what she couldn’t have. Then, with a final swirl of his thumb, she came against his hand.

He controlled her, not letting any screams pass to alert the men on the other side of the door that he was getting the woman they had fantasized about off. When he felt her trembling slow down, he stepped back, letting his hand slide free.

Ice wiped his hand on his prison pants. “I’m going to smell and taste like you for the rest of the day.”

Her face turned bright red as she fumbled, trying to button her blouse.

Ice moved her fingers out of the way and pulled the sides of her bra forward before snapping it then buttoned her blouse despite her trying to knock his hands away.

“Finished?” She turned toward the door as soon as the last button went through the hole.

“For now,” he mocked.

She spun back around, careful on her injured foot. “Forever!”

“Baby, mouth off to me one more time, and you’ll find yourself bent over that sink and I’ll be fucking that pussy from behind while I turn that ass as red as your face.”

She stood looking at him, her mouth opening and closing several times before she turned in a huff and went out the door, hobbling with as much dignity as she could, as if she was the Queen of fucking Sheba.

Ice followed her back to the table, leaving her with a small pat on her cheek, which she tried to smack away. He had gotten his point across. The teacher’s body was going to become used to having his hands on her. She was going to find their roles reversed; she was the one who would be schooled in keeping him satisfied.

He went to the doorway, looking down the hallway to see Fade crouched in front of the cell door.

“Any good news?”

Fade looked at him, grinning, and then got to his feet. “Ask and you shall receive.”

He opened the door wide, and the man inside took a step outside the cell door.

“It’s about fucking time.”

Chapter 11

“You’re welcome,” Ice returned sarcastically. The little twerp, Yo-Yo, was acting like they had taken their own sweet time. “You’re the one who landed in solitary for doing Church’s dirty work. Don’t blame us because you’re his bitch.”

Yo-Yo started to shoulder his way past Ice, but Ice reached out and grabbed the man by the throat, pinning him against the cell door.

“You’re my bitch now, and you’re going to do exactly what I tell you. Do you understand me?”


Ice released him.

Yo-Yo held his neck, glaring at Ice. “I’m going to tell him. My cousin won’t be happy with the way you’re treating me.”

“Don’t make the mistake that he actually gives a shit about you. He only paid me to get you out of here because you’re family. He didn’t want to see you sliced up because you’re related to him. He doesn’t know you’ve taken care of yourself by being Church’s bitch.”

“Quit calling me that!” The little fucker actually looked affronted. “He gets out next month; what was I going to do then?”

“I’m sure you would have found someone else to protect that ass of yours.” Ice’s snide comment had Yo-Yo’s hands clenching at his side.

Ice cut him off before he could say anything else. “Go get something to eat.”

Yo-Yo left, leaving Fade and Ice staring at his back.

“I can’t believe that piece of shit is related to him.”

“I can. Unfortunately, you can’t pick your family.” Ice wished he had never agreed to take this job. The only reason he had been compelled to take it in the first place was because of the money he had given him in advance.

Gert, a woman who had been at the clubhouse longer than any of the men, had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. While her bartending job provided insurance, the work she’d missed had made her behind in her house payments. She hadn’t even told the club. If she hadn’t confided in Vida, his brother Colton’s wife, the club wouldn’t have known until it was too late. The advance from him had been used to pay the past-due amount and had paid off the mortgage.

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