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“You played the pity card.”

“I’ll play any hand I have to, but that woman is going to be mine.”

Chapter 15

Grace pulled into the parking lot of the Jiffy Grill, getting out of her car as she continued to argue with herself about going in. She was almost to the front door when she convinced herself to turn around. She managed to take two steps back to her car when the sound of a motorcycle filled the air. Coming to a stop, she watched as Ice pulled into the parking lot.

She would never admit it to him, but he looked good, as if he belonged on the huge monster he brought to a stop in front of her, turning off the motor.

“Going somewhere?”

“Um... I was going inside the restaurant. I just got here.”

“The restaurant is that way.” Ice nodded toward the building.

Not wanting to lie again, she stayed quiet, unable to take her eyes off him.

“You hungry?”

“Not really.” She was so nervous she felt as if she might vomit. She needed to get back into her car and leave as fast as she could.

People going to the small grill were looking at them curiously as they entered.

“Then let’s go for a ride.”

Immediately, Grace shook her head, taking a step back. “I’ve never ridden a motorcycle before. I’m afraid I’ll fall off.”

“You won’t fall off. Come on, we’ll just go around the block a couple of times. If you don’t like it, I’ll bring you right back here, and we’ll go inside and eat a lunch neither of us wants.”

Knowing she was making the biggest mistake of her life didn’t prevent her from taking a step forward and timidly climbing on the back of Ice’s bike.

“Hold on tight to my waist.”

Hesitantly, her arms circled his waist as she scooted forward on the bike. Thank God she had dressed casually, wearing jeans, boots, and a chunky sweater with a thick jacket.

Ice started the motor and her breath caught as he pulled out of the parking lot. He drove down the street before turning down a side road where he slowly rode through several neighborhoods.

Grace loved it. She had never expected to enjoy the experience, but the sound of the motor thrummed through her blood as the air rushed passed her face, tugging at her hair.

Ice came to a stop at a red light next to the diner.

“More?” he yelled over the loud motor.


As the light turned green, she expected Ice to go faster, but he didn’t, driving slowly through town and leaving the city limits for longer country roads. Her arms tightened as his speed gradually increased.

A part of herself she had known when she was young and wild came back to life, enjoying the ride as she had never dreamed possible. She could almost understand why men gave up normal lives to be able to answer the call of the road. To be free was everyone’s dream, and the motorcycle gave you that as the miles soared past and homes became fewer and fewer.

They drove for a while before Ice stopped at a small diner with a gas station out front. He gassed his motorcycle then they went inside to sit at one of the booths and place their order.

“Well, how did you like it?”

Grace gave him her first real smile. “I loved it.”

Ice studied her flushed cheeks and excited eyes. This was how he had imagined her when he had been in prison. This was the woman he had known was hidden underneath the layers of restraint. She had him forcing back the desire ringing inside him. The wildness he sensed inside her called to his soul; however, if any of his brothers had spouted off such bullshit to him, he would have called them a pussy and beaten some sense into them.

“I found this place when I drove in from Queen City.”

“How long did it take you to drive here?”

“About three hours, but it should have taken four.”

Grace laughed then turned serious. “That’s a long drive.”

Ice shrugged. “I enjoy the ride. It gives me time to think. The clubhouse can get loud sometimes with the brothers there.”

“Do you all live there?”

“Some do, some don’t. I do. I haven’t found the place I want to call home yet.”

Grace swallowed, looking down at the scratched up table. “Ice, this isn’t—”

He got up from the table, going to the counter to pick up their burgers. The aroma from the hamburgers and fries had her mouthwatering.

They each ate quietly and as they finished, the owner of the diner came to their booth, introducing himself, and sitting down next to Ice, recounting his own days of riding.

“My wife made me give it up when our oldest boy was born, but I still miss it.” He looked longingly out the window at the motorcycle parked in front.

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