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Grace flung the pillow to the side, reaching out to touch the still semi-hard cock, gently touching the metal balls on each side of the tip.

“I think it’s too late for you to drive home tonight.”

Chapter 18

Ice stared at the tall office building, wishing Desmond would hurry the fuck up. His meeting with the City Council was already running over an hour late. The meeting was supposed to be a quick one after lunch, not a two-hour session.

His boot tapped impatiently against the brick wall of the building he was leaning against as he surveyed his surroundings, making sure nothing had changed within the last minute he had checked.

He was fucking tired, debating internally if he was going to make the long ride to Grace’s tonight. He had gone from seeing her one night a week to three, sometimes four, and it was beginning to catch up to him. He couldn’t afford to be tired when he and his men were on alert, waiting for Deacon to make his move, especially when his information led him to believe it was going to be soon.

The last six weeks, his time was split between his responsibilities to the Predators and Grace. She had tried to backpedal after their first night together, keeping them from having sex by inviting CeCe over to play cock-blocker. Then she had used her little shit as a reason for him not to come over, explaining the traumatic effect their relationship was having on her dog. Ice wanted to traumatize the dog but behaved himself, explaining that she might be giving him too many treats because she was constantly handing him one every time Ice shut it out of her bedroom. It was getting so fat it couldn’t jump on her couch anymore. The vet had even reprimanded her and put the dog on a diet.

The glass door to the building he was watching opened and the members of the council started coming out. They stayed out front, milling around as the doorman sent for their cars. Ice straightened, seeing Desmond talking to another member of the council, wanting to yell at him to get in his fucking car waiting by the curb.

Ice saw a flash of movement at the side of the building before three men were on Desmond as two cars sped around the corner, coming to a screeching stop in the middle of the road and blocking in the cars waiting for the council members.

Ice and his men moved as Deacon’s men climbed out of one of the cars with guns and the front car’s back door was flung open from the inside.

Jackal, Fade, and Max took care of the men going for Desmond, grabbing him, and getting him away from his attackers. They threw him in a car with Buzzard at the front who was not blocked by the cars, mistakenly believing it belonged to a shopper. It was a ratty, old black Ford, so they hadn’t thought to block it from leaving.

While Buzzard peeled out, taking Desmond to safety, Ice and the rest of his men went for the cars. His men who were closer fired, dropping the ones who were armed and the fleeing ones who had tried to kidnap Desmond.

Ice pulled out his gun, firing and killing the driver of the first car before he left the alley. Running to the side of the second car’s driver’s window, he used the butt of his gun to break the glass as the driver tried to change gears. The car began moving backwards, almost hitting several council members stupid enough to flee that way. That was the only good thing about shoot-outs in public—people running for their lives made shitty witnesses.

“Stop or I’ll blow your fucking brains out.”

As the car stopped moving, Ice jerked the door open, yanking the driver from the car and throwing him on the ground.

“Jackal?” Ice yelled.

“Got most of them,” Jackal answered, throwing one he had knocked unconscious to the ground.

Ice placed his booted foot on the back of the driver. “Search the back of the car. I didn’t see anyone, but make sure.”

Jackal opened the back of the car. “Clear.”

“Get them loaded into the cars quick. The cops will be here any second,” Ice ordered.

His men shoved everyone into the two cars. Ice jerked out the dead driver, throwing him out onto the pavement. Getting behind the wheel, he sped off down the deserted street.

He drove through the large city, coming to an older building used to manufacture socks. He headed to the parking garage which was guarded, and his man opened the gate, letting them inside. Ice pulled to a freight elevator and came to a stop then got out and ordered his men to get Deacon’s men inside.

“Jackal, Max.”

Both men came to his side.

“Jackal, you warned Deacon?” Ice asked, wanting to be fair.

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