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He rolled over, putting his arm around her waist and pulling her back against him. Closing his eyes, he remembered tossing and turning last night in his empty bed at the clubhouse. She wasn’t the only one who felt more secure when they were together.

* * *

Grace slipped out of bed quietly when the sun woke her early, turning off her alarm before it could ring. She didn’t want to wake Ice. He had told her the previous evening that he would be able to stay the day with her. She only had a morning class today, and then they would be able to go for a ride.

The sky outside promised a sunny day. She was looking forward to spring being just around the corner.

Grace closed the bathroom door, starting the shower. She used the restroom then took off her pajamas, tossing them into the hamper before stepping into the shower, enjoying the warmth of the water.

She loved her shower. It was large with tan tiles, giving it a spa atmosphere.

She washed her hair, leaning her head back as she rinsed out the shampoo. When she leaned her head forward, she saw a large figure standing there. A gargled scream escaped her as she cowered against the shower wall.

“Grace! Stop. It’s me!” Ice’s voice broke through her sudden terror.

Gasping, she placed her hand on the shower wall. When Ice reached for her, pulling her close, she shuddered against him, letting the fear leave her.

“Okay now?” Ice rubbed her back. “I wanted to take a shower with you, but since you’re finished, you can help me.”

He handed her the body wash from the small shelf. It took her a couple of tries before she managed to open the top and squirt some into her hand. Putting the bottle back on the shelf, she rubbed the wash into his skin as her hands explored his flesh. Her mind turned away from the dark memories of her past to the living, breathing man standing in front of her, his hard body giving her the control she often felt she didn’t have.

She pushed him gently back, farther under the running water, letting it rinse the soap away. Her mouth then went to his chest, sliding across until her lips touched his nipple. She sucked it into her mouth, surprised when it hardened.

Ice took one of her hands she had placed on his chest, guiding it across his lean stomach into the nest of curly hair above his cock. Grace took the hint; sliding her hand free of his, she gingerly touched his cock.

During the last several weeks, when they’d had sex, Ice had done all the work. She hadn’t been brave enough to touch him, too afraid of hurting him with the piercing in the head. Therefore, her movements were cautious at first until Ice wrapped his fist in her hair, tilting her head back to take her mouth in a passionate kiss. Instantly, the desire to reciprocate the pleasure he always gave her was brought forth.

Her hand slid along his length, feeling the metal balls on each side of his still-hardening cock. Braver now, she began a pumping motion with her hand, making Ice groan and arch his hips toward her.

His mouth left hers, going to the side of her neck, which already had a tender spot. She tried to turn her neck so he wouldn’t have the same place, but Ice held her still with his hand in her hair.

“Ice, that mark is just beginning to go away. I have to wear high collars or put makeup on it,” she fussed.

Ice didn’t stop, taking the small area of skin in his mouth. “It shows you’re mine. When I see it or you’re wearing your prim clothes, I imagine my dick in you, begging me to give it to you harder.”

Grace whimpered at his words, letting him suck her flesh before she managed to lean forward and kiss his chest. She lowered herself to the floor as she followed the trail of the water down his slick body until she knelt before him, her hand continuing to glide effortlessly up and down his cock.

Ice braced a hand on the shower wall as she raised his cock to her lips. Softly, she licked his balls. Thinking about the bar inside the head had her wincing and being even gentler while she worked her way back up his length.


“Yes?” she moaned, letting her tongue explore the flesh under the tip.

“Remember what I said about liking a little pain?

God, did she remember. Would a woman ever forget words like that?

She grasped his cock firmer in her hand as she took the entire tip into her mouth. Letting herself forget about the possibility of injuring him, she began to suck him strongly. The hand in her hair showed her how he wanted her to move, and his grunted responses told her how to use her tongue as she sucked him. She could barely manage half of his length before she began gagging, feeling like an amateur. However, she followed his instructions to breathe through her nose as he thrust inside her mouth.

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