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Ice lifted her up, holding her with his cock poised at her opening.

“Ice, quit teasing me.”

“Teasing is when I don’t give you what you want.” Ice slowly slid her down his cock inch by slow inch, the metal balls rubbing against her walls, causing her pussy to quiver at the stimulation.

When she was flush against him, he reached up and brought down her head with a hand on the nape of her neck for a tongue–thrusting kiss which heated her insides. The kiss had her unconsciously moving her hips, the awkwardness she usually felt smothered by the rising tide of lust taking over.

Her wantonness was something she had never expected herself capable of. She had gone from a woman who was numb to the desires of the flesh to one who found something new to appreciate every time Ice touched her body. He’d taught her not only how he liked to fuck but what her body enjoyed, discovering her sensitive and erotic zones and giving them the attention they needed until she was a withering mass of flesh that craved his touch.

She moved on him faster and faster. She rose to her knees on each side of him, fucking herself on his cock as the tension built to an excruciating level, which crashed into explosive shock waves that tore through both of them, leaving them limp and exhausted.

What Ice did to her should be illegal. He was slowly stealing away her heart and body every time she was with him. He didn’t care for her dogs, yet he was always gentle with them. He thought her alarm was a piece of shit, but he made sure he always set it for her. If she made him dinner, he would make her breakfast before he left. When they had sex, he always managed to make her feel as if it was the first time, as if each time he touched her, he enjoyed it more and more. He didn’t become bored with her less-than-adventuresome personality; instead, he acted as if her touch was all he would ever want.

She was falling in love with him, and she had no idea how she was going to make it work. Grace was pretty sure the college would frown on their relationship, not even taking into consideration how her family would feel about her being with a man like him. Each time she saw him, she swore she would end it; however, now she realized it was already too late. He had already stolen her heart.

Chapter 20

Ice stretched after they finished lunch.

“I have to head back. I’ll see you tomorrow night.”

Grace paused at carrying the dirty dishes to the sink. “Oh, okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.” She set the dishes down on the counter, trying not to show how disappointed she was that he was leaving.

“I would stay if I could. The club is having a welcome home party for one of the brothers who just got out of prison. He served a nickel, so we’re glad he’s finally out,” Ice explained.

“I see. You don’t have to explain. Are there going to be a lot of people there?” she asked, picking up a washcloth.

“Yeah, the club will be packed,” Ice answered then wished he had kept his mouth shut at her steady gaze.

The room filled with an uncomfortable tension.

“I would take you, but, baby, I don’t think you’d enjoy yourself at one of our parties. The brothers get pretty wild.”

“Do you think that I think I’m too good to go to your clubhouse?”

“You are too good to go to one of our parties.” Ice laughed. “The brothers get drunk, then they start fights over the women.” Ice knew he had fucked up as soon as the words came out of his mouth.

“Are there going to be a lot of women there?”

“Some,” he admitted.

“Oh.” She began doing the dishes.

“Dammit, do you want to go or not?”

“Yes, thank you. I’ll go get dressed.” She took his hand. “Come help me pick out something.”

Ice reluctantly followed her into her bedroom, wishing he could go back to bed and start the day over because he had a feeling this one wasn’t going to end well.

Grace opened her closet, looking at him eagerly. “Pick something out for me. I’ll wear anything you want me to.”


“Yes, just don’t make me look silly.” She eyed him suspiciously.

Ice looked at the rows and rows of clothes in her walk-in closet. He opened and closed several of her built-in drawers before finding her jean drawer. He pulled out her oldest pair and handed them to her. Then he went to another row of drawers. Opening the first one, he stared down in shock. His hand reached in, coming out with a handful of silky underwear.

“What in the fuck are these?”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never seen women’s underwear before?” she snapped.

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