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“I had gone back to my ex’s house to get my clothes. I wonder sometimes what would have happened to him if I hadn’t met him that night.”

“Probably dead. He said he’d been stabbed. You gave him a place to go to when he was hurt.”

Gert nodded. “He was half-starved, too. He still eats like he has a hole in his stomach.”

“Tell me about it,” Grace said wryly.

Both women laughed for a moment; however, Gert quit laughing when they saw Ice coming back inside. “Be careful of Rita until you get to know the others in the club better. I’ll tell the other girls to keep an eye on you.”

“Thanks, Gert. I’m sure it will all work out.”

Gert gave her a skeptical look yet stood up as Ice drew near.

“It’s running. I’ll start looking for a new one for you tomorrow.”

“Thanks, Ice. I’m going to go say hi to Stump then go on home. Had a treatment this morning and I’m tired, or I’d stay and have a beer with you.”

Ice bent and brushed his lips over her wrinkled cheek. “Take care.”

“I like her,” Grace told him after she left.

“How about Rita? You like her?”

“Not so much,” Grace admitted.

“Not many do.”

“Come on, I’ll show you my room.” Ice took her to a long hallway that had several doors, some open with people inside talking and laughing. He took her to the one next to the end, opening the door then reaching in to turn on the light. “Go on in,” Ice urged.

Grace went into the room. It held a large unmade bed, but the sheets looked clean. There was also a small table by the bed and a chest. The furniture was sparse, but the room suited Ice. There was nothing soft or pretty about it.

“I thought it would be a lot messier.”

“No. My mom hated to clean house, but after she left, my dad kept it filthy. I can’t stand to sleep in a dirty room.”

She had all the benefits of growing up in an affluent home, while Ice had dealt with more than his fair share of setbacks. He had run away from home and been lucky enough to find a place where he belonged. Grace wished things could have turned out better for him, wondering what kind of man he would have turned out to be, had he been given a chance.

“What are you thinking?” Ice asked stiffly. She could tell he thought her opinion of his room wasn’t very good.

“I was wondering if your bed is as soft as mine.”

“Let’s find out.”

Ice’s mouth went to her neck, to his favorite spot. It was like his brand on her flesh now. She would touch it sometimes when he wasn’t able to come to Stephenville, and it would make being without him easier.

Grace pulled back slightly, reaching for his belt buckle. She had never taken the lead when they had sex, yet tonight, she was feeling adventurous. Perhaps it was the uninhibited atmosphere in the other room, or she wanted to place her own brand on Ice.

She wanted him so badly she ached. She already felt the moisture gathering within her. She clenched her thighs together as she finished unbuckling his belt then pulled down his zipper. Ice reached down, tugging off her white sweater as she pulled his jeans down his hips. She then knelt, pulling them away from his feet.

She touched his cock as it swelled before her, getting even harder in her hand. She put just the tip in her mouth, letting her tongue glide under the head, and then began playing with the metal balls.

“Fuck!” Ice hissed.

Her hand began pumping the length of his cock as she swallowed more of him, her other hand taking the heavy weight of his balls into her grasp. Her fingers massaged them until they became tight and hard.

Ice’s hand went to her hair, tugging at it until it loosened and flowed down her back.

“Christ, I’m already about to come.”

Grace moved her hands and mouth away.

“Put that mouth back on my dick,” Ice ordered, his hand in her hair, pulling her back to his cock.

Grace gave a teasing laugh, taking him back into her mouth and hand. She managed to take more of him this time, her arousal easing her fear of choking.

Again, when she felt him about to climax, she pulled back.

“Baby, I’ve never been a big fan of teasing.” He bent down, picking her up.

Grace gave a startled squeak as Ice turned and dropped her onto the bed. He unbuttoned her jeans, jerking them and her thong down her thighs and off before she quit bouncing.

“Give a girl a little warning.”

“Okay, I’m going to shove my dick so far up your pussy you’re going to have a hard time riding home tomorrow.” Ice, true to his word, slid a condom on, braced his arms over her, and then slid his cock in her in one stroke.

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