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Grace was still undecided if Ice was ready to make the commitment of them living together. She was thrilled at the idea of having him with her every night, although she wasn’t sure if he really wanted to live with her all the time.

Ice’s hand curled around her neck, tugging her to him. “If you want all those babies you say you want, then I can’t ride all those hours on that bike. It’s probably killing all my sperm.” He grinned wickedly as he picked her up and carried her into the house. “You didn’t set your alarm?”

“I must have forgotten,” Grace mumbled, kissing his neck.

Ice carried her into the bedroom, shutting the door before the three dogs trailing them could get in. He set her down in the middle of the room.

“Are you sure, Ice? Living with someone is a big step.”

“I don’t know.” He took his shirt off, dropping it on the floor and then toed off his boots. He unbuckled his belt and unzipped his jeans, yet he didn’t move to take them off. His face was an impassive mask, but his eyes were laughing at her. “Take off your top and show me your tits.”

Grace obeyed, dropping her top on the floor. Her fingers went to the front fastening of her bra, unclipping it then letting it slip free.

Ice licked his bottom lip as he reached out to squeeze her breast, plucking at the nipple until it stood out, begging to be sucked. Ice ignored her body’s invitation. His hands went to the snap of her jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping them, baring her belly.

“Are you wet?”

Grace nodded, taking a step forward so she could rub her sensitive breasts against his chest.

“Baby, I want to hear you say it.”

“I’m wet.” She stood on her toes when his hand slid into the vee of her jeans, searching to see if she was telling the truth. Her hands clutched his biceps when his thumb swirled in the wetness he had found.

Grace’s hand went inside his jeans, searching for his cock and pulling it out. She played with the metal balls, knowing he loved the pinch of pain when she did.

Ice tugged her jeans off her hips, lifting her out of them, and then let his own slide to the floor. He took her waist in his hands, backing up to the chair she had against her bedroom wall. Sitting down, he lifted her to his lap, placing her legs over each of the arms, spreading her pussy wide. He stared down at her while his fingers moved to spread her even wider, thrusting two deep inside her.

She tried to lean forward to grip his shoulders, but that pushed his fingers deeper inside her. The tight fullness had her leaning back as she struggled to take his fingers.

“You are as fucking tight as if you never had my dick in you,” he said, moving deeper inside her.

Grace gasped. Ice usually never pressed her past her limits. If she showed the slightest discomfort, he always stopped. Grace had to admit she was a baby where pain was concerned and often stopped him at the slightest discomfort.

Ice watched her reactions silently, daring her to push her own limits and let him have his way with her body.

“Put your hands behind your back.”

Grace felt her nipples harden at his order as she linked her hands together behind her back.

“That’s my baby. Give me your tit.”

Ice kept pumping his fingers inside her as she leaned forward.

Grace felt a rush of warmth lubricating his fingers, causing them to slide more easily inside her.

When she leaned forward, offering him her breast, Ice sucked her nipple deep into his mouth. After he raised his head and her wet nipple popped out of his mouth, he went to her other breast, sucking that nipple until she was squirming on his lap. Ice then leaned his head back, giving each nipple a small nip with his teeth.

“Lean back.”

As Grace leaned back as far as she dared, Ice took his fingers away from her pussy and placed his cock at her opening. “Lean forward.”

Grace leaned forward as his cock slid inside her, feeling the balls glide along her inner walls. The more she leaned forward, the deeper he went.

Ice’s hands went to her waist. “Do it again.”

While she leaned back again then moved forward, his hands went to her hips, sliding them behind her to grip her ass. He began rising and lowering her each time until they were banging the chair back against the wall. The dogs outside her room barked at the loud noise.

Grace brought her feet to the chair cushion so she could slide them down and rest her knees beside his hips. She moved up and down on his cock quicker as her pussy began to spasm, driving her need into a frenzy she didn’t think would ever be satisfied.

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