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“How is being rejected building my confidence?” he scoffed.

“That’s being negative. What if all six accept your invitation? What if one does, but this time, you find a real connection with the woman you ask out? Even if none do, it will be easier to ask, and that’s putting the ball in your court instead of theirs. You hired me to be your life coach because you were tired of life passing you by. Now you are deciding whether to go out and with whom, instead of sitting on your couch and binge-watching television.”

“It’s still embarrassing.” A red tinge began forming under his shirt collar.

“Rejection always is, but it’s how we deal with it that makes us stronger. You’re exercising your mind like a bodybuilder does their muscles. They do planks to reveal the body they want. Think of rejection the same way as planks. You have to get through them to sculpt the person you want to become.”

“I’ll try,” he replied half-heartedly.

“Don’t try. Achieve, Felix.” Zoey used positivity to impel him forward into the life he wanted to achieve. “The only person holding you back is you. Moving on,” she changed the subject. “I see you’ve visited Cory. Did he pick that outfit for you?”

“Yes. I have to admit, I didn’t want to hire a personal stylist, but he has given me the confidence to wear clothes that I would have never picked out for myself.”

Zoey hid her smile when he meticulously swept away a piece of lint off the grey trousers he was wearing.

“I like the haircut,” she complimented, stroking Buster’s fur as he lay docilely beside her. “Have you been practicing your meditation?”

“I have. At first, I didn’t want to take the time for it each morning and night, but I am sleeping much better.”

“That’s good to hear,” Zoey commented as she continued to stroke Buster’s fur.

“When did you get a dog? I’ve never seen him here before.”

“I met Buster this morning.”

“Was that before or after the motorcycle drenched you?”

“You saw my tweet?”

It always gave her a thrill when someone remarked on her tweets. Sometimes she felt as if she was tweeting to a dark void of nothingness. Even though she received many comments on her social media nothing was as good as hearing the comments in person.

He nodded. “I’m one of your many followers.”

“It was right after. If I let getting wet ruin my day, I wouldn’t have found Buster.”

His eyes crinkled at the corners, showing she got her point across. “Can I pet him?”

“He can be a little standoffish, so slowly hold out your hand closer and let him smell it….” She gave a small laugh when Buster licked the hand held out to him. “That’s so sweet. He likes you, Felix.”

Her client smiled back at her, his face lightening into a more youthful appearance.

“I haven’t had a dog since I was a teenager. I can’t have one in my apartment.”

“How long have you lived there?” Zoey resumed stroking Buster when Felix took his hand away, showing him how pleased she was with him. She was a great believer in positive reinforcement.

“Six years.”

Zoey hadn’t missed the longing in Felix’s gaze when he pulled away.

“Have you thought about changing it up and moving somewhere else?” she suggested as Buster scooted along the couch to sit next to Felix, greedily wanting the attention of both humans.

Felix’s smile brightened at the dog’s behavior. “Not really. It’s close to work, and it fills my needs.”

“It’s not meeting the need of you owning a pet if you want one. I think a pet would be good for you. You would be able to take it on walks and meet new people at the dog parks.”

“That might be an idea I should think about. I would like to have a dog, maybe two,” he conceded.

“Start with one. Then, if you enjoy it, get another. Everyone needs a friend.”

“What if you find his owner?” The look he gave her was one he had probably given to several of his employees when he wanted to gauge their response. Felix, knew she grew attached easily when she cared about something. He was more discerning than most men would be. He had a tech company that was worth more than she would ever make in a dozen lifetimes.

“Then I will give him back. I wouldn’t want to be the cause of anyone missing this little guy. I bet his owner is worried sick. You want to help me feed him?”

“I would love to.”


Stump brought his motorcycle to a stop, gravel shooting out from his wheels. The three brothers standing by the entrance of the Predators’ clubhouse stopped talking.

Throwing his helmet down onto the rocky parking lot, he kicked it out of his way, sending a plume of dust rising into the air. Storming toward the door, the new recruits moved quickly, ditching any idea to talk to him.

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