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“Did you have fun splashing Zoey?”

“Who in the fuck is Zoey?” Confused at the woman’s anger, he took a step back, coming up against the bar top when the blonde woman bristled.

“This is Zoey!” Penni raised her cell phone up to his face.

Startled, it took a second for him focus on it and realize what he was staring at.

The picture on her phone showed a woman’s brightly colored blouse and skirt drenched, and him driving away.

“It was an accident. I never even noticed her. The bitch tweeted it?”

“Yes. And believe me, you don’t want Zoey tweeting about something you’ve done to her. She has over fifty thousand followers.”

“I don’t care how many followers she has, unless she wants to tweet about how big my dick is.”

His laughter died when Penni put the phone closer to his face. “You should look at those comments. You need to leave town. I’ll call Shade and ask if you can stay with The Last Riders until it dies down.”

Stump tilted his head to the side to gape at Penni. “You’re joking, right?”

“Does it look like I’m joking? You’re a marked man. Run.”

“Let me see that phone.” Taking the phone away from her, he scrolled down to read the caption beneath the photo.

“When a motorcyclist drenches you, you can always look on the bright side. At least it wasn’t a car. Lol.”

Several happy faces and rainbow emojis followed the end of the sentence.

“Is she supposed to be Mary fucking Poppins? Or is she being sarcastic?” Lowering the phone, he gave it back to Penni.

“She was being nice, which is more than I can say about you. The least you could have done was pull over and apologize.”

He hadn’t been scolded since he was twelve years old. He didn’t like it then, and he didn’t like it now. Since Penni was a brother’s old lady, he had to show her some respect, but he didn’t have to lay down and take it either.

“I didn’t see her.” Stump softened his tone at Jackal’s scowl.

“I’ll give you her number. You can call her and apologize.” Penni turned her phone toward her and began scrolling down her contact list.

“I’m not calling the bitch—”

If his back wasn’t already against the bar top, he would have taken another step back at the fury on Penni’s face.

“Don’t call her a bitch. Zoey isn’t a bitch. She looks for the best in everyone. And that includes you, despite you drenching her.”

“I didn’t mean to drench the woman!”

“Fix it, or you’re going to be sorry.”

Jackal’s wife’s ominous threat had him determined not to apologize for something he hadn’t intended.

“You threatening me?” He was astonished that the woman who only came up to his shoulder was warning him. He was three times her size. “Who’s going to make me sorry? You going to make Jackal whip my ass? You going to call that big brother of yours?” He scoffed at the thought that either man would take him to task for unintentionally spraying a woman who neither knew.

She looked at him like he was an ant that she could crush beneath her foot. “I won’t have to. You’ll see,” Penni answered cryptically.

“What in the fuck does that mean?” He looked at Jackal and Ice, as if they knew something he didn’t.

“You’ll see.” Veiling her eyes, she turned toward Jackal. “You going to take me out to lunch?”

“You going to threaten me, too, if I don’t?” Grinning, Jackal placed his arm around his wife’s shoulders and tugged her to his side.

Stump noticed it only took a second for Jackal’s touch to have her sinking into him.

“I’m thinking about it.”

“Let’s take your car. Stump lost his dog this morning. We can look for it on the way.”

Penni pulled away from Jackal. “He lost the puppy Grace gave him?”

“Hannibal isn’t a puppy anymore. He’s twice that size now.”

“He’s still a dot,” Ice joked. “When he takes a shit, you can’t tell which is which.”

“You insulting my dog?”

“You’re too attached to that dog. You know that, right?”

“That’s funny coming from you. I see you carrying your dog out to take a piss when it’s raining outside.”

“At least he’s not pissing in Grace’s purse.”

“He was just marking his territory. That’s what male dogs do.”

“Yeah, well, you better curtail the marking or crate him while you’re at work.”

“You called a puppy Hannibal?” Penni’s exasperation had all three men turning back to her.

“He likes to chew,” Stump explained, not understanding why the fuck it mattered to her what he named his dog.

“Do you have a picture of him?”

“No.” He shifted his gaze away from the others. “But Ice does. Grace makes him take a picture of Hannibal every day.” There was no way he was going to show the numerous pictures of Hannibal in front of the brothers.

“I can see why she didn’t have any confidence in you,” she said scornfully when he didn’t produce any pictures.

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