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“No….” Stump thought hard of places he had taken Hannibal. As long as it had a patch of grass, his dog didn’t give a fuck.

“Could he have gone to where the kook lives?”

“He only spent the one night with her.”

“You say all the time how smart he is.”

“He’s not that smart.”

Grace had taken Hannibal to work several times when he was a puppy, and he had taken him to see her sporadically since having him, so Hannibal must have remembered the direction from the clubhouse to the office building. There was no way he could find Zoey’s house. Or, could he?

Hanging up on Max, he punched another number into his phone and called Ice.

“What’s Zoey’s address?” Stump didn’t give him time to say anything before he asked the quick question.

“Why?” Ice’s sleepy voice answered.

“Because I want it; that’s why. What it is?” Stump demanded.

“Brother, don’t press your luck because I’m half-asleep. Why do you want her address?”

“Max let Hannibal out, and I think he might have gone there. Satisfied now? What is it?”

Ice’s cold voice rattled out the address that Stump keyed into his phone.


Stump could hear Ice cursing as he disconnected the call. Googling the address, he saw it wasn’t far away.

Starting his bike, he took off.

Running two red lights and going doing several alleys, he made it in ten minutes.

Slowing his bike to look at the house numbers, he gripped his handlebars when he saw Zoey squatting down and petting Hannibal.

Pulling to the side, he parked, seeing that she had looked up at the sound of his motorcycle.

Getting off his bike, he strode toward his dog and Zoey.

“I didn’t steal him. He was here when I opened my door.” She apprehensively watched him as he scooped Hannibal up, tucking him under his arm. “I was going to bring him back.”

Stump turned, giving her his back as he headed to his bike.

“Why do you have such an attitude toward me?”

He turned back to her, finding she was practically on his heels. Her bluntness deserved the same from him.

“You’re trying to steal my dog by being nice to him.”

“That’s ridiculous. Maybe if you were nicer, your dog would stop trying to run away.”

“I’m nice to my dog.”

“Really? A dog needs more than someone to be nice. They need love, affection—”

“Has your hand been in my wallet? Did I pay you to lecture me like Penni and Grace do?”

Zoey’s mouth dropped open like she was a fucking fish.

His eyes wandered down her body, seeing the way she was dressed. The yoga outfit accented the mounds of her breasts, forcing him to grit his teeth to keep from panting like Hannibal was as the dog tried to get away. The curves of her hips were made for his hands to reach out and jerk her to him so he could shut her mouth with his tongue.

“There’s not enough money in the world to pay me for advising you to be a better person. Clearly, your mother failed to teach you manners, and your father failed to teach you to be a gentleman.”

His eyes were drawn from her breasts when she started snapping her fingers in front of his face, forcing him to meet her fiery gaze.

“You going to work dressed like that? I can see how you have so many followers with a rack like yours.” Purposely being rude, he began texting Max, giving him directions to Zoey’s house, while ignoring her glare.

“I can see why you have a dachshund. A Doberman or German Shepherd would tear you apart.”

“Hannibal may be small, but he’s tough.”

She gently reached out to rub his head. “Are you thirsty after running all the way here, baby?”

Her croon to the dog had his dick nearly bulging out of his jeans.

Shifting the dog closer to his chest, he narrowed his eyes at her. “I’ll give him something to drink when I get him back to the club.”

“Let me get my keys. I’ll follow you home with him.”

“Max is on his way here. You can do whatever you were doing. I’ve got it taken care of.”

“Fine,” she snapped, going back inside her house and leaving him staring after her at the abrupt departure.

“You are so being downgraded when I have to go to the pet store again. I’m shopping in the clearance section,” he threatened, going to sit on his bike to wait for Max.

He just sat his ass down when she came out carrying a bottled water and a bowl. Her expression dared him to say anything as she opened the bottle and poured some of the water into the bowl.

“If I don’t talk to him, will you let Hannibal have it?”

“You don’t give up, do you?”


“If you don’t tell Grace and Penni that he got away from me, he can have the water.”

“I wasn’t going to tell them anyway.”

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