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Stump tossed his cigarettes, lighter, and cell phone onto his nightstand, watching as Hannibal trotted haughtily to his bed that was in the corner, laying down and ignoring what was happening on Stump’s bed.

“He’s had his shots. He would be the one that got sick if he bit you.”

“I wouldn’t insult a woman when she is about to go down on you.” Her lips parted to show gleaming teeth poised over his cock.

He brought his hand to her hair, using it to lower her mouth closer to his throbbing cock. “You won’t hurt me. You want my dick too badly for that.”

Crush licked down the long shaft, playfully teasing him.

“Quit playing and start sucking. I don’t have all night.”

She immediately started sucking him into her mouth.

Spreading his thighs wider, he let her have it as he lowered his back to the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He just wanted to come so he could get some sleep, knowing it was going to be an hour before he could.

He didn’t use the club sluts often, preferring to find women who he didn’t have to share with the club. The women he dated for a few months were useful to hang out with, relieving his needs and providing home-cooked meals. When they started talking about rings and weddings, he would start doing things that irritated them into breaking up with him. A woman wasn’t vindictive or catty when they were the ones ending the relationship.

He wasn’t above using his dog to achieve that goal either. Tilda hated it when he brought the dog to her house. The more she complained, the more he brought him. He would have given Hannibal a steak if he hadn’t run away when she broke up with him.

Stump didn’t make a sound as he came in Crush’s mouth.

Giving a final swipe with her expert tongue, she stood and took off her clothes before climbing onto the bed and splaying her legs open.

“I’m fast, but not that fast. Give me a minute to recover.” Rolling off the bed, he kicked out of the jeans that were at his feet.

“You could give me a little tongue action,” she urged breathlessly.

“That’s not gonna happen.”

“Come on, Stump, I did you.”

“Crush, have I ever gone down on you?”


“Have I ever with any of the other bitches?”

“We don’t talk about—”

He cocked a mocking brow at her.


“My mouth doesn’t go near where six other brothers have been. I’d rather eat out of Hannibal’s bowl than eat your pussy.”

Crush went to her knees, glaring at him. “If you don’t want to fuck, then you can screw yourself!”

Stump was sliding a condom on when she started to get off the bed. He shoved her back onto the mattress.

“I didn’t say I didn’t want to fuck you; just that I wasn’t going down on you.” He brought his fingers to her pussy, stroking the wetness he found. “You don’t need my tongue when my cock can make that greedy pussy of yours satisfied.”

Crush’s eyes went to his rapidly hardening dick before coming back to his.

“I said I needed a minute, not an hour. Relax. I always give you a good ride, don’t I?”

“Your ego is as big as your dick.” Crush arched under his roving fingers. “One day, a woman is going to ground that ego underneath her heels.”

Stump removed his fingers, sliding his tall body between her spayed legs to thrust inside the creamy pussy. Using his hips, he shoved until he bottomed out.

Mewling, Crush scored her nails down his back in deep grooves.

Grabbing her hands, he pinned them to the mattress as he ground himself deep inside of her. Then he dropped his weight down on her, making Crush mewl louder as she tried to release them from his tight grip.

Their bodies heaved against each other as they fucked. The sexual frenzy cast a sheen of sweat over their naked bodies.

When she started screaming, Stump heard a whimpering coming from Hannibal’s bed. Releasing one of her hands, he covered her mouth to silence her.

“Stop it. You’re hurting Hannibal’s ears,” he hissed, coming with her.

She sipped his hand away, jerking out from under him. “You care more about a dog than having sex with me? You fucking asshole!” Her arms shook as she furiously put her clothes back on.

“He counts; you don’t,” he replied coldly, reaching for his cigarettes before lighting one. Then he half-rose to push a pillow behind his back.

Crush gave him a withering look as she started for the door.

“Oh, Crush…?” Stump stopped her before she could get out the door. “Don’t forget your heels.”


Dear Mom,

Why don’t you respond to my letters? I check the mail every day when I get home from school. I wouldn’t even mind a postcard if that’s all you have time for. Do you think I’m still mad at you because you didn’t get Bandit? I’m not. I could never stop loving you. Please, Mom, just call. Please.

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