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Stump flipped the box shut. “Did you read them?”

Shade poured himself another glass of bourbon. “Yes. The kid’s had a rough time. Lucky called a friend of his. Her advocate was arrested for sexual misconduct right after Zoey ran away by an authority figure. He lost his job and got fifteen months jail time with a suspended sentence.”

“You don’t happen to have his address, do you?”

Shade reached into his back pocket, taking out a slip of paper and laying it on the bar top in front of him. “I hope you’re smart enough to get rid of that after you memorize it,” he said before taking a drink of his glass.

Stump memorized the address then took a lighter out of his pocket and burned the paper, dumping it into the ashtray.

“Thanks, Shade.” Stump got off the stool, sliding the box toward him. “Thanks for the information and the advice. It was taking so long that I was beginning to doubt you.”

“It’s not easy getting information on minors, especially one who was in so many jurisdictions. Lucky did most of the legwork. Without his contacts, there was no way we would have known that box existed. I was only able to get it because of a clerical error.”

Stump had no doubt that Shade created the clerical error.

“You’re a sneaky bastard. I would bow, but I’m too fucking tired.”

“I take it our plan worked?”

“Yes. I should feel guilty as hell for making her believe I slept with Crush, but you can’t argue with success.”

Shade saluted him with his glass. “No, you can’t, and I have two kids to prove it.”

“I thought you would stay at Penni’s house tonight. I don’t mind the company, but I’m surprised you’re not keeping them within eyesight.”

Shade poured himself another glass. “Jackal is there, and so is Greer, Rachel, and Cash. A little of Greer goes a long way. Anyone stupid enough to break into Penni’s house will get what they deserve.”

“If he’s got you on the run, I need to meet him,” Stump joked.

“I’m not running. I made a tactical retreat. You can meet him tomorrow night. Penni booked a table at her favorite nightclub. She invited Zoey.”

“I look forward to meeting him.”

“Brother, you’re going to eat those words.”

Stump held Zoey back when she started moving forward with the crowd that was making its way to the front of the karaoke stand.

“I can’t see,” she complained, trying to look over the crowds’ heads.

“What’s to see? Kaden is sitting at our table.” Exasperated, he lifted her onto a chair.

With his hand around her waist to make sure she didn’t fall, he felt like an idiot with Jackal and Ice watching. Their humor was short-lived, though, when Penni and Grace got on their seats, forcing their husbands to their feet to steady the wobbly chairs. Jackal flicked him off when he saw his amusement.

“Come on, Lily!” Penni called out to her friend, encouraging her to do the same.

Shade’s wife started to get out her chair, and Stump smirked at Shade the same way he had done to Jackal and Ice.

“No.” The curt command from Shade had Lily immediately sitting back down.

He decided to ask The Last Rider how he accomplished having his wife listen to him when the others couldn’t. That was something he had to know before the night was over.

He was able to get Zoey down when Kaden left the stage, helping her sit between Vida and Sawyer. Then he moved to sit back down next to Colton, Vida’s husband, tersely staring around the bar that was filled to capacity.

“What has you so uptight? The girls are just having some fun.”

Stump didn’t take his eyes off the crowd as he answered Colton’s question, “I don’t know. I didn’t expect so many people to be here.”

“It’s this way whenever Kaden goes out. Relax, he has a team of security watching the crowd. That’s why this table is separated from the rest of the room. There’s an exit door behind the potted plant behind Lily, and security will stop anyone who approaches the table. And if anyone does try to start anything, several of The Last Riders and the Predators are carrying enough heat they could make Swiss cheese out anyone who tries to start trouble.”

Stump had no doubt the men at the table could handle any trouble, but it didn’t stop the growing alertness that someone was watching them with a maliciousness that was sending his instincts into overdrive.

“Switch seats with me. I want to sit closer to Zoey.” Stump started to rise.

“Brother, I’m not moving from Vida’s side with the way you’re acting.”

“Then switch with Zoey.”

“That I can do.” Colton took his drink and stood up to ask Zoey to switch chairs with him. Grinning, she happily moved to sit down next to him.

“Isn’t this great?” she asked excitedly, setting her glass of ginger ale down in front of her.

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