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“It’s called fat.” An embarrassed flush covered her cheeks.

“It’s called heaven.”

Zoey was not fat, but she wasn’t skin and bones either. Her basket case of a father had subjected her to years of mental abuse that made her feel like she would never measure up to the ideal beauty that wasn’t attainable unless they were between the pages of a magazine.

He moved his hand to her thigh, gliding it up toward her pussy. Then he watched himself touch the wet, pink slit. It was like gliding on a piece of satin.

Grinding his teeth, he reminded himself to go slow, when what he wanted to do was bury his cock into the silky depths waiting for him.

Rubbing her clit, he caught her eyes as he raised his hand to his mouth, sucking a finger in. Growling, he then placed his hand back on her pussy.

“Baby, I’m going show you something you didn’t believe possible. I’m going to show you heaven on earth.”

Shifting under him, her expression was a cross between excitement and wariness.

Dipping a finger into her depths, he gently built the heat until she was as ready to combust as he was. His long hair concealed his face as he surrounded one of her nipples with his mouth, twirling his tongue over the tip as he moved his fingers deeper inside her.

He wanted their first time together to be something special, one that she would always remember as they grew old. An experience that she wouldn’t regret when it was over.

Sex had always just been a way to get his rocks off. He could fuck a woman and forget about her before he had time to put his boots back on. Most of the women he had been with the last couple of years considered it foreplay when he unzipped his jeans. Hell, forget the last couple of years; ever since he’d been fourteen, women had been begging him to scratch their itch. Zoey wasn’t the only one making love for the first time. It was his first time, too. He only felt pure lust when he fucked the others. With her, it was different. Lust had been over in a second. What he felt for Zoey had built into a fever pitch of desire that had him shaking to the point of embarrassing himself.

Releasing her peaked nipple, he laved the other breast that was begging for his attention. When she arched into his mouth, he teased her by sliding upward to her neck. She twisted her hands into his hair, wanting him to return to her breast.

Giving her what she wanted, he slid his mouth back to her breasts as he levered his cock at her opening. Tenderly, he stroked inside her with short thrusts. Raising his head, he then closed his mouth over hers as he shifted his weight over her, burying her into the soft mattress.

Each of his thrusts had Zoey clutching his shoulders in a death grip.

“Are you okay?” he gritted out between his teeth.

“I think so.”

“Do you want me to stop?” It would kill him if she said yes, but he would.


Her movements awkward and inexperienced, Stump gripped her hips, showing her the rhythm that would give her the most pleasure.

Instead of driving her toward orgasm, he slowed his movements, gently leading her into a whirlpool that she wouldn’t be able to escape. He didn’t want her to experience ecstasy; he intended her to find a Nirvana that would keep Zoey chained to his side with golden links that couldn’t be broken.

You couldn’t keep a dove tethered to the ground. You had to give them a reason to want to stay. If his love wasn’t strong enough to keep her tethered to him, he had to use his body as a lure. There was more than one way to clip a dove’s wings.


Zoey felt as if she were a puddle under Stump. Each stroke had her quivering under his touch. The friction his penis was creating inside heated her to a boiling point that had her feeling as if she would evaporate and never be seen again.

He held her in place as he thrust in and out of her, the burning sensation becoming more and more painful. She had to bite back a pain-filled gasp as his thrusts increased the urgency that had her thighs gripping his buttocks to press him down on her.

“Am I hurting you?” He licked the corner of her lips. Parting them, she tried to catch his with hers.

“No.” She released a puff of air at the strength of his plunging penis.

“Then, why did you say ow?”

Staring up into his penetrating gaze, she was afraid he would stop if she admitted the truth.

“I didn’t. I said wow, because that feels good.” Despite herself, she tried to burrow her bottom into the mattress, clenching against the invasion that felt as if it was tearing her apart.

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