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“He’s there. We just don’t see him.”

“I hope Kaden’s security is as good as you say they are. Ginny’s going to need them to protect her until he’s caught.”

“Look at the two men in the first row, the ones with leather vests. That’s Razer and Train. Second row at each end, that’s Cash and Lucky. Third row, same seats, that’s Moon and Drake. Rider is in the skybox, watching the closed-circuit television pointed at the crowd. And that big son of bitch standing across the stage from us is Knox. And I don’t know where the hell Shade is, but I know that mean bastard is somewhere in the auditorium. I told you The Last Riders consider Ginny family. Those men won’t go anywhere until they know she’s safe.”

“Have you ever considered becoming a Last Rider?”

“Hell no.”

“Why not?”

“Because it took a Predator to catch my woman.”

Stump paid for the three cups of tea, enjoying being out of the office while Ice and Jackal visited their wives. He was using his own money to pay for the tea that he had generously offered to buy Penni and Grace as an excuse to leave the couples alone. It was worth the expense to be able to witness the fallout when Kristen left Zoey’s office. Both women had given him condemning gazes as the brothers had entered their office.

Looking at the wall, he saw he had ten minutes before Zoey would be finished with Kristen’s session. He wanted to be there to watch.

Shoving his change into his back pocket without bothering to count it, he hurried out of the café, not paying attention to the four men who were casually standing by a silver SUV.

“What’s your hurry, cocksucker?”

Stump stopped in his tracks as the four men started moving in his direction. Gauging from their size and expressions, he knew they were out to pick a fight with him. The smallest of the men was easily the size of Max.

“Where’s your motorcycle? You only ride it when you want to get your kicks out of dousing helpless women?”

Stump clenched his hand around the cardboard cup holder containing the teas. “I’m in a pretty good mood, so I’m going to give you a chance to get back in your car and haul ass out of here. I don’t have to explain myself to four dickheads who are too afraid to take me on alone.”

“We aren’t afraid to take you on alone. The problem is, we all want a piece of you.”

The men moved to circle him as the customers came out the café, casting them wary glances as they went to their cars.

“I’m not the one who should be afraid. You fuck with me, you fuck with the Predators.”

“Ooo… I’m so scared.” The small one was also the stupidest one, making the mistake of being the first one to get close to him. “You afraid, Denis?”

Stump heard a laugh coming from behind him and to his left.

“No, I’m not afraid. Jag?”

“Nope, I’m not afraid of the Predators or the piece of shit carrying three cups of tea. Tell me, asshole; do you hold your pinky out when you drink it?”

Stump didn’t turn around at the man insulting him from his left. While the others were using insults to build their courage to strike out, the one who had him debating the wisdom of taking on the four men alone had yet to say anything, hanging back so he would be able to finish the fight if the other three failed.

The small man didn’t like that the insults had no effect on him. He reached out to flip the teas out of his hand, but Stump beat him to it, throwing the hot tea in his face. Then he jerked back both of his elbows, smashing the other two men in the face.

Hearing the men behind him cry out in pain, Stump didn’t let it distract him from smashing his fist into the one who had tea dripping off his face, knocking him into the SUV. As he crumpled to the ground, the big one came for him. Stump was ready, using the larger man’s size against him. Waiting for the man to come barreling toward him, at the last second, Stump stepped forward, jerking him off his feet to hold him over his head before tossing him onto the two who were moaning that their noses were broken.

The one that he had thrown onto the SUV had gotten up to run and hide behind the vehicle while the other three lay unconscious.

Walking toward them, Stump tossed back his hair that had come loose from the fight, and then ground the heel of his boot onto the one who asked if he held his pinky out when he drank tea. Bending down, he then took the wallet out of the jeans of the one who was on top, taking out a twenty then throwing the wallet down.

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