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“Jayce, I think we need to take a break.”

“What? Where in the hell did this come from? Why are you doing it on the phone? Meet me somewhere so we can talk about this.” His voice had risen in shock.

“I live in Queen City, and you spend all your time in New York. It’s not going to work out, and I don’t want either one of us to be hurt from a relationship that’s not going to be able to survive the time we’re apart.”

“Where are you at? I’m on my way—”

“No, Jayce. I’m not going to change my mind. Goodbye.” Casey disconnected the call.

Staring down at the phone in her hand, she blinked back her tears of hopelessness. She had made herself several promises growing up with Renee as her mother. One was to never cheat. She couldn’t keep that promise to Jayce if she was going to succeed with her plan.

“You planning on staying the night?” Jack asked from her doorway.

Casey firmed her shoulders, standing up. “I’m coming. Let me double-check the building, and I’ll be right with you,” she told the security guard as her cell phone began ringing.

“You okay?” he asked when she didn’t answer her phone. She knew it was Jayce calling her back for answers she couldn’t give him.

“I’m fine,” Casey assured him, wishing it was true.

* * *

Max waved at his father as he turned to go home.

He was headed back to the clubhouse when he saw Jackal parked behind a car that was pulled off the side of the road with the hazard lights blinking. Recognizing the feisty blond standing next to the car with her hands firmly planted on her hips, Max quickly switched lanes, stopping behind Jackal’s bike.

Max climbed off his bike, walking to the arguing pair who hadn’t noticed his arrival. “What’s up?”

Penni snapped her head toward him. “This Neanderthal thinks I can’t take care of a flat tire. I’ve told him I can handle it, but he refuses to leave.”

“I didn’t say you couldn’t fix it, but why not let me help?”

Max looked at the strange expression on Jackal’s face, trying to decipher it.

“Because I don’t want your help!” Penni snapped. “We’re all going to get killed standing on the side of the road because you’re being an ass.”

“If you would’ve let me change the tire, we would have been done by now,” Jackal said in a low voice.

Max was surprised Jackal hadn’t taken charge and put the pretty woman back in her car then changed the tire while she was arguing with him. Then it dawned on him that Jackal was trying to be polite. It had taken Max a few minutes to recognize it, because he had never witnessed the phenomena before.

“I don’t have a spare, okay. The one on it now is my spare. I’ve been so busy lately I forgot to replace it.”

Jackal took out his cell phone. “I’ll call a tow truck.”

“Don’t bother!” Penni stepped around Jackal, opening her trunk and reaching into it. She came out holding a can in her hand.

Stepping around Jackal again, she shook the can in her hand several times before crouching down next to her flat tire, pressing the spout to the valve.

“What in the fuck is that?” Max asked Jackal, who stared back at him in confusion.

“Fix-A-Flat.” Penni answered, standing back up and brushing her skirt down. Throwing the empty can into the trunk, she slammed it closed. “Thanks for stopping, but as you can see, I handled it just fine by myself.” She got back inside her car then pulled out into the traffic with an airy wave at them.

Jackal growled.

“Don’t do it,” Max warned, walking back to his bike.

“You don’t even know what I’m thinking.”

“Yes, I do.” Max laughed. “By the way, what was that weird expression on your face when I pulled up?”

Jackal paused, getting on his bike. “I was smiling at her, trying to be friendly and shit. You saw how well that went.”

“Brother, I have a piece of advice.”

“Like I’d take any advice you’d give,” Jackal jeered.

“Who gets more pussy than anyone else in the club?”

Jackal hesitated as he started his bike. “Okay, what’s your advice?” he said between clenched teeth.

“Don’t smile. It’s scary as fuck. The look doesn’t suit you, and it makes you look like a serial killer. If you want that sweet thing, you’re going to have to do a better job than that.”

Chapter 8

Casey stared around the crowded clubhouse. Music was blaring in the background as she watched her mother and stepfather dance. Moving her eyes away from Renee’s flamboyant moves, she saw Max playing pool with Jackal.

She didn’t recognize most of the women, as the men liked to change them frequently, but several faces she did know kept their distance.

“Hi!” Casey smiled at Grace’s friendly greeting. She dropped down in the overstuffed chair next to the one she was sitting in, nearly spilling her drink.

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