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She started the movie, leaning back. Max had expected her to put some room between them on the small couch or at least try to. Casey didn’t, though. She sat next to him as if she did it all the time.

Contrary to what he had snapped at her, Max was aware he wasn’t the smartest battery in the pack, but he knew when a woman was giving him signals. Casey was giving him signals that were beginning to not only be obvious but had his dick so hard he couldn’t sit comfortably.

“Would you like something to drink?” Casey asked after he moved slightly away from her, trying to think of one good reason not to lay her back on the couch and fuck her.

She was practically coming out and asking him to. She had edged close enough to him to be practically sitting in his lap. Every time he breathed in, he smelled the perfume she had on and felt the gentle curve of her breast pressed against his arm.

“Yes, a beer would be great.” Max ran a hand through his shaggy hair. Coming to a decision, he stood up. “Never mind. I forgot I’m supposed to meet a friend of mine. I’ll see you around.”

Max left with Casey standing in the kitchen with a bottle of beer in her hand. Their eyes met as he closed the door behind him. The hurt and confusion made him feel like shit, but he smothered it. He had never turned down pussy in his life. The motives behind her sudden desire for his dick were what had him running scared.

A week ago, she would have gone out of her way to avoid him, but now she was suddenly snuggling up against him like a little sex kitten wanting to be played with. Until he found out exactly why she had gone from the ice princess of Queen City to the fiery one she was turning into, his dick wasn’t coming out to play.

* * *

Casey stood staring at the closed door, her mouth hanging open at his abrupt departure. When she slammed the bottle down onto her counter, the beer spilled over.

“Dammit.” Casey shoved her hair behind her ear.

Why had he taken off like that? Max fucked everyone! Everyone in Queen City knew it. That was what she had counted on. Was there something wrong with her?

“What am I supposed to do now?” she asked herself out loud, her mind trying to find another plan. She needed Max if her plan was going to succeed.

She bit her lip, coming to a decision. Her stepbrother wasn’t the only Predator. If she wasn’t going to get what she needed from Max, it was time to move on. Actually, it might work out better. Last night, when she was at the clubhouse, she had met a couple of the Predators she hadn’t known. One in particular didn’t seem to have any problem flirting with her. She hadn’t responded, having already decided on Max, but now she would put her efforts into him.

Casey was kind of relieved. She had her doubts about whether she would have been able to keep the emotional distance from Max enough to succeed, enough to betray him when the time came. She had to remember at the end of this whichever man’s bed she ended up in didn’t matter. It was about giving someone their freedom and taking care of someone who belonged to her. She was going to make good on a promise she had made a long time ago, even if her pride and life were forfeited in the process.

Chapter 10

Max waved a twenty in the bar girl’s direction. She immediately weaved through the crowded strip club toward his and Jackal’s table.

“Anything else, Max?” she asked, leaning over the table and flashing a gorgeous view of her tits as she did.

He grinned up at her. “That’s it for now, maybe later,” he said, taking her up on her invitation to stuff the twenty between the luscious breasts that he had sucked on more than once in the past.

The woman’s mouth dropped in a pout as she placed Jackal’s drink in front of him. “What about you, Jackal?”

“Busy right now.”

She raised a brow but left the two men at the table. Max lifted his drink to his mouth, becoming aggravated at the brother who was late.

“What’s keeping him?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you call and ask him?” Jackal said.

“I’ll wait,” Max grumbled.

“What’s the hurry? It’s not like you have anywhere else to be. Last night was Casey’s last night, so you don’t have to hide out and watch her anymore.”

“You knew?”

“Brother, we all know. The only thing we don’t know is why?”

“I don’t know.” Max shrugged. Maybe he felt responsible for her now that they were related by marriage. The man she was dating was gone more than he was in town, and he never saw her out on the town with friends. She had no one to look out for her. A few hours a night was no skin off his back, and it might make the difference between life and death to her.

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