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“What the fuck!” Max growled under his breath.

“What?” Jackal asked, coming to a stop next to him.

“Stump is licking Casey’s neck like she’s a fucking ice cream.”

“If you have a problem with Stump, make sure you take it out to the parking lot. I’m not buying new furniture like I did the last time you broke the room apart.”

“I don’t care what they’re doing,” Max denied without taking his eyes off the pair leaning against a back wall.

“Sure you don’t,” Jackal said, moving away and snagging Crush around the waist.

Max strode toward the bar to get himself a beer then took it back to sit in one of the chairs as he talked to Buzzard and Fade. Unable to help himself, he watched as Stump’s hand went to Casey’s hip, bringing her up close and personal with his pelvis. The man surrounded Casey, who seemed to be eating the attention up.

He gave a grunt when Rita tossed herself onto his lap.

“Where you been all evening?”

“I’ve been busy,” he answered, not paying attention to her as she rubbed her hand against his chest. He was more interested in Casey wrapping her arms around Stump’s neck.

The way the two were going at it, they would be fucking in the next ten minutes.

“When did Casey show up?”

“Hm…” Rita lifted her eyes from his chest. “She showed up a couple of hours ago with Stump. They haven’t taken their hands off each other. Never thought I’d see the day that prissy bitch would fuck a brother. I guess she heard he has the biggest dick here. Well, almost…,” she said, leaning down to place her mouth against his.

Max jerked his head back and saw Casey quickly look away when he glanced in her direction.

Coming to a decision, he stood, and Rita barely managed to catch herself before she fell to the floor.

“Where are you going?”

Max ignored her, walking toward Stump and Casey. As he drew closer, he saw Casey glance over Stump’s shoulder, seeing him approach. Her eyes widened as he reached around Stump, jerking her away from the brother who couldn’t keep his mouth off her.

“What the fuck!” Stump turned around angrily.

“I’m going to dance with her. You got a problem with that?” Max kept his hand on Casey’s arm when she would have jerked away.

“Yes. We were about to go to my bedroom. She’s taken. You can have her when I’m finished.”

“Now that’s where I have a problem. She’s not going to be fucking you tonight; she’s going to be too busy with my dick. Find another woman. Rita’s not busy.” Max turned, going to the hallway and opening a door halfway down the corridor. He pushed her into his bedroom, slamming the door shut.

“You just can’t interrupt what I was doing and drag me to your bedroom!”

“If you know what’s good for you, Casey, you’ll shut the fuck up now while I’m still managing to hold my temper in check. One word out of your mouth, and I’ll knock all of Stump’s teeth out of his head.”

Casey’s mouth snapped angrily closed while her eyes shot angry amber sparks at him.

“What in the fuck is going on with you lately? For years, you wouldn’t give any of us the time of day. Now all of a sudden you’re begging one of us to fuck you.”

Casey jerked as if he had slapped her, but Max was tired of pussy-footing around the subject.

“Don’t be crude!” she snapped.

“You’re going to see just how crude I can be.” Max’s hands went to the back of his T-shirt, pulling it over his head.

“What are you doing?” Casey shrieked.

“Giving you what you wanted me to give you the other day. I didn’t back off just to watch you give what I want to another brother.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Don’t fucking lie. I hate liars.” Her face whitened at his harsh remark. “You were coming on to me the other day when we had lunch together. You were putting out signals that you wanted me.”

“So what if I was? You left. As a matter of fact, you practically ran out of my apartment.”

“I’m not running anywhere now, am I? Take off your fucking shirt.” Max’s hands went to her hips, bringing her flush against his hips, notching his rapidly hardening cock against her pussy.

“Max, I’m not sure—”

“You seemed pretty sure when Stump was all over you.”

“Stump wasn’t mad at me.”

The trembling in her voice had him taking a step back, dropping his hands from her hips.

“Go home, Casey. Get the hell out of here.” Max gritted his teeth when she stood still. Moving from the door, he gave her the freedom to leave his room.

“I don’t want to leave.”

His breath left him in a rush at her admission. Max took a step forward, his hands going to her shirt this time, pulling it off. He stared down at the breasts behind her tiny, pale, flesh colored bra before he went behind her back, unclasping the bra and freeing her breasts.

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