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Her arms curled around his shoulders, making her want more of him than he was willing to give. She wanted to take it, anyway. His tongue traced her bottom lip before he nipped it with his teeth then licked it again.

“Your mouth makes my dick hard as a rock.” His forehead dropped to hers. “To answer your question…”

A small smile tugged on her lips as she tilted her head to the side, giving him greater access to the tender flesh of her neck. “What question?”

“The one about us.”


“How about we take it as it comes? How can I know where it’s going before we even begin going down that road together?”

“I can deal with that—one day at a time.”

“One day at a time.” Casey shivered when Max repeated her words.

Her eyes lifted to his, hearing something in his voice that made her uneasy; however, his smiling gaze reassured her she had been mistaken. She didn’t want to think too hard about what was happening between them, either. For once, she was going to try to be as reckless as Max. What had all her careful planning and caution gotten her so far?

It would be temporary as all of Max’s relationships were, but his lightheartedness was what she needed right now. She was going to take his advice and see where the road ahead took them.

“Don’t go. Listen, let me get Gert to watch the kids, and we’ll go for a ride.”

“I should go home, Max.”

“It’ll be a short ride. Come on…” he said persuasively.

“All right.”

As soon as she gave in, he called Gert to come over to keep an eye on the kids while they were sleeping. Max had found his house for sale when he had visited Gert at home. It had been large enough with the four bedrooms, and Gert was always nearby if he needed a babysitter when the Predators called him out during their visits.

Gert was there within a few minutes, giving Casey a cool look as she came inside.

Max rushed Casey outside. “Thanks Gert,” he said, closing the door on her frown.

“She knows what happened?”

“Yeah, let’s go.” Max wasn’t going to lie about the other members being angry with her. Casey could have brought the law down not only the brothers but all the members who shared in the profits from the club, and Gert was one of those members.

“Where are we going?” Casey asked as she climbed on behind him.

“I thought we’d just see where the road took us.” Max gave her a devilish smile, he always liked to keep his options open. It kept the women off his back until it was to late for them to do anything about his actions.

He drove steadily out of the neighborhood toward town. They rode through several streets for over twenty minutes before Max felt her shudder against him. He then turned down one street, coming to a stop in front of a bar. Max eyed the lone bike he had parked next to on the street.

He stood, reaching down to help her off the bike.

“Why are we here?”

“Because you’re cold, and like a dumbass, I didn’t grab either of us a jacket. Come on, let’s get a drink.”

“I don’t want to go in there. It’s a strip joint,” Casey protested.

“Don’t worry, there are plenty of women in there.”

“On the stage or in the audience?”

“Both.” Max took her hand, giving her no choice other than to follow.

The strip club was busy tonight, and looking toward the stage, Max could see why. Sherri was on the stage, doing a new routine.

Max found them a table at the back of the club and pulled a chair out for Casey before taking one for himself.

“Couple of beers,” Max yelled to one of the girls working the floor.

Max turned toward the stage, watching Casey stare impassively as Sherri pulled her top off while she gyrated toward the front of the stage.

“It doesn’t bother Sherri for you to come in here since you broke up?”

“Why would it? I watched when we were together. Besides, she’s with Henry now. He owns the club.”

“Thanks, angel.” The sexy waitress set their beers down on the table. Max took out a twenty, handing it to her.

“Thanks, Max.” She gave him a wink before moving away to another table.

Max turned his attention back to the stage.

“I’m ready to leave,” Casey said quietly.

“We haven’t finished our beers.” Max lifted the beer to his lips, taking a long drink.

“Why are we pretending, Max? We both know you brought me here to punish me. I would rather you just do it than these jabs you keep taking at me.”

Fury that he had been keeping suppressed flared out of control. Standing, he took her hand and jerked her up before walking toward the staircase that was across the room. He led her upstairs, keying a number into the keypad on the large door at the top. He pushed her inside to the private bar that only exclusive members could enter. Going to the bar, he took out a couple of hundreds, slamming them down.

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