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“Thank you, Casey.” Max shuddered. “It rips my guts out that she didn’t call me.”

“She was afraid and embarrassed, Max. Next time she’s in a position like that, I think she’ll call.”

“It better not be anytime soon. Maybe when she’s thirty I can deal with her boyfriends without wanting to kick their asses.”

“Just try to remember how you feel when you’re in love. Your experiences will help with theirs.”

A blank look crossed his face.

“You have been in love, haven’t you?”

“I’ve liked several women, but no, I’ve never been in love. That heart and flower stuff is for pussies.” Max snorted.

“I wonder if Ice would agree with you, or is he a pussy?”

Her question had Max’s lips tightening. “He’s no pussy.”

“I didn’t think so.” Casey folded her arms across her chest. “It’s time I went home.”

“You’re not going to stay?”

Casey almost lost it with the big man. She walked across the floor, coming to a stop in front of him.

Her finger poked him in the chest. “I fixed you dinner, listened to your kids call you a horn-dog, watched you smash your fist in the door, then had to put up with you telling me your asinine theory on love. I’m not exactly in the mood to fuck you tonight.”

He grinned unabashedly at her. “I said thank you.”

“I need to leave before I smash the rest of that chocolate cake in your face.”

He bent down, kissing her into silence. “They need to make lipstick that flavor.”

Her arms went around his shoulders. “Flavor?”

“Vanilla cupcake.” Max licked the corner of her lips.

“You would like anything dessert flavored.” Casey stepped back while she was still strong enough. “Goodnight, Max.”

“Night, Casey.” His amused voice followed her out the door.

As Casey was pulling out of the driveway, she looked to the upstairs bedroom and saw Maxie standing in the framed window. She waved goodbye to her.

Casey’s throat tightened, glad that she had resisted Max’s effort to get her to stay. She was growing attached to his children, and for a man who didn’t believe in love, he had managed to capture hers. When he broke up with her, not only was it going to be hard dealing with his loss, but also the loss of the children. They had been dating a couple of months, and if Max kept to his schedule, she only had four months left, so she was already preparing herself. His wasn’t the only deadline looming, though. Monday, she would begin training her replacement at the bank.

When her relationship with Max ended, she would be leaving Queen City.

* * *

The Predators filed into the Burger Hut. Saturday night was always a busy night at the hangout for local teenagers. The large group of Predators found two empty booths, and Max slid into the one closest to the middle of the restaurant. That way, he had the best vantage point to observe the different groups.

Most of the teenagers avoided looking in their direction, although a few cocky ones stared at them in bravado, trying to hide their fear.

“Do you know which one he is?” Jackal asked, sliding in next to him.

“No.” Max shrugged then looked around the restaurant, and one young punk caught his eye. He fit the description from Maxie’s mom.

The waitress approached. “What can I get for you guys?”

The men all ordered burgers and fries.

“Bring us all chocolate shakes,” Max ordered.

Once the waitress left with their orders, his gaze traveled back to the punk who had lured his daughter from school. He was surrounded by girls his own age, with one overdeveloped brunette hanging on to his arm. He thought he was too protected, surrounded by his friends in the restaurant. The little prick was going to find out that Max didn’t care who saw him giving the beating he was going to enjoy.

The men chowed down on their food when it arrived, most of them having ordered two burgers and chili cheese fries. Max ordered each of the brothers a sundae for dessert.

“We need to come out with Max more often.” Buzzard groaned, dropping his spoon into the empty ice cream dish.

The waitress stopped at their table, placing the ticket down.

“We are here as guests tonight. Fisher’s paying.” The waitress picked the ticket up, going to the kid Max had already guessed was the one he was searching for. He went pale when the waitress handed him the ticket.

“That’s the one,” Max said grimly, getting to his feet.

Ice, Jackal, and the rest of the club followed him as he made his way across the room.

“There must be a mistake—” the boy began before Max’s hand circled his throat, lifting him easily off his feet.

“You’re fucking right. You made a big one trying to mess with my daughter.”

“Your daughter?”

“Maxie! You tried to fuck with a thirteen-year-old who happens to be under the protection of the Predators.”

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