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“Where you going? Stay and keep me company.” The look in Lizard’s eyes brought dread to her stomach.

Startled, Casey broke free. “No, thanks. I’ll wait for Max in his bedroom.” She moved toward the end of the counter but found her way blocked by Snake.

“He’s not back yet, but he don’t mind sharing. Isn’t that right, Lizard?”

“Yep, we all share the bitches.” Lizard picked her up, carrying her across the floor.

Casey, more frightened now than when she had stood in the bank earlier today with a gun pointed at her head, began to fight in earnest.

“What you fighting for? You give it up to Max. Hell, there isn’t a pussy in this clubhouse we haven’t shared with each other.”

Casey tried to kick out at his stomach when he laid her back onto the pool table.

“We’ve got a feisty one!” Lizard dodged her shoe, wedging himself between her thighs.

“Come on, show us some tit.” The front of her blouse was torn open from her struggles.

Stump woke up as she struggled. Sitting, he held his head in his hands.

“What are you doing, Lizard, Snake?” Stump winced from the sound of his own voice.

“Stop it!” Casey yelled. “Max will kill you if you touch me,” Casey threatened.

The two men laughed. Even Stump leaned back on the couch, laughing while he held his head.

“Max is the one who told us we could fuck you.” Lizard reached for her breast.

Casey turned her head on the pool table, managing to grab the pool stick. Swinging it upward, she hit Lizard with the stick as hard as she could.

“Get off me!” she screamed hysterically.

The clubhouse door opened, and Max, Ice, and Jackal came in the door. Fade and the rest of the bikers came out of their rooms at Max’s bellow. Lizard stood, backing away from Casey as she practically threw herself off the pool table.

“What happened?” Max took a step forward yet stepped back when Casey brandished the pool stick at him.

“Lizard tried to force himself on me!”

“I fucking did not! I was only playing around,” Lizard defended himself, taking a step farther away from her.

“You liar. Why would I want you to touch me?” Casey turned from Lizard toward Max. “Lizard said you told them they could have me.” Casey saw the look in his eyes and knew Lizard hadn’t lied. “Oh… God. You bastard! Why?” she screamed at him.

“Why wouldn’t he? You used him to steal from us. You would have fucked Stump that night if Max hadn’t stopped you,” Lizard gloated in her pale face. “He made you want him, didn’t he? No one fucks over a Predator. It was him that came up with the plan to make you beg for his dick then toss you to us when he was finished with you.” He grabbed his dick suggestively. “Don’t worry, slut, I’ve got enough to satisfy that cunt of yours.”

“Shut up, Lizard! Your fucking dick will get fed to you in a minute if you don’t zip that hole closed,” Max threatened.

Casey felt as if the world had stopped spinning on its axis. All the love she had been growing over the past months had been built on the illusion that Max had forgiven her. Instead, she had been a made a fool of in front of all the Predators.

She felt them all staring at her. Humiliated, she covered her mouth with her hand, biting her lip so she couldn’t cry out at the pain tearing apart her heart.

Max had been going to give her to the Predators in retribution for her deceit. He was going to shake her off like dust from his boots, leaving her to become a club whore.

She took a step forward, placing one foot in front of the other.

“Wait, please let me explain…” Max tried to touch her arm as she passed him.

Casey ignored the wounded expression on his face, unaware that he had lowered his pride to reach out to her in front of the ruthless bikers.

She raised the pool stick threateningly. “Stay away from me.”

“It’s the middle of the night. At least let me take you home.”

“Why do you care?” Casey laughed bitterly. “I can get myself home.” Steadily, she walked outside, letting the door close slowly behind her.

* * *

Max stared at Lizard who was weaving drunkenly on his feet.

“Max…” Ice cleared his throat, breaking the silence of the clubhouse.


“Yes, Max?” KC wound his way through the crowd.

“Do me a favor and follow her home.”

“Sure thing.” KC threw Ice a worried glance as he passed.

“Max… Let’s take this outside to the backyard,” Jackal began, but it was already too late. The temper Max was famous for exploded on Lizard, Snake, Stump, and anyone else who tried to intervene.

“Not the fucking bar!” Jackal yelled when Max tossed Lizard over the counter, smashing all the liquor bottles.

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