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“I think we should let them have her.” Jackal shrugged. “They’ll give her back in a couple of days.”

The men both knew he was bluffing.

“Are you telling me that Hennessy can’t deal with Penni?”

Jackal still felt the bee stings on his back. “I’m telling you those motherfuckers will throw her back on our doorstep.”


“You hungry?”

“No.” Penni rested her bruised cheek on her knee. Curling into a ball, she tried to ignore the man standing in the doorway of the room she had been dragged into.

After the intimidating biker president had forced her into the back seat of her car, she had watched as they had used fuel from their own bikes to start the sluggish motor.

She had made sure to look out the window so she could remember the way she had been taken. That’s what kidnapping victims do, Penni had told herself despite the darkness out her window making it difficult to spot any signs she could use to find help.

“Hennessy’s not going to give a fuck if you’re hungry or not.” Cruz placed the take-out bag on the bottom of the bed she was sitting on.

Penni lifted her head to glare at the biker who had uncaringly forced her into the messy bedroom that made her skin crawl at the thought of the germs she guessed were on the filthy mattress.

She was tempted to reach out with her foot and kick the food into his face.

“I wouldn’t if I were you.”

Penni arrogantly sniffed the air as he bent over to grab the bag. Reaching inside, he pulled out a hamburger and took a large bite of the cholesterol ridden burger that had her wishing Shade and The Last Riders were there to rip out his clogged arteries before letting her dance on what was left of his heart.

“I’m not frightened of you or your men.” Penni stubbornly stuck out her chin. “A smart man would let me go.”

Cruz wiped his greasy hand on his jeans. “I’ve never been accused of being smart.”

“That’s a shocker.”

Penni included the dark man entering the bedroom into her fierce glare.

“You threatening my men again?”

She clenched her fingers on her thigh. “If you know what’s good for you—”

Hennessy’s laughter had Penni ready to jump off the bed to claw out his eyes.

“My brother and his friends are going to make you wish you had never been born.”

“Let me guess; he will come for you, and he will kill me? Does he have a particular skill that I need to be worried about?”

If the man standing at the bottom of the bed hadn’t been holding her captive, Penni would have found him very attractive. Even Lily and Grace, whom she considered her BFFs, would find him attractive, and they each had handsome men keeping them warm.

“Actually, he does,” Penni taunted. “He damn sure has more men at his back than I saw riding with you.”

Hennessy’s smile disappeared. In a split second, he was bent over the bed and over her.

Penni winced as his hand clenched her jaw. Bravely, she stared up into his eyes.

“Your brother belongs to a motorcycle club?”

“Maybe,” she spat out.

“Is that why you were at the Hay and Fiddle?”

“No. My brother wouldn’t be interested in a club like yours,” she retorted.

“What’s the name of your brother’s club?”

Penni snapped her mouth closed as Hennessy intentionally lowered his body over hers. She didn’t give in to the body braced over hers. Men pissed her off when they used that dominating bullshit.

Their eyes refused to back down from each other’s.

“She’s lying.”

Penni didn’t look his way when Cruz spoke from her side. She had no expectations of him interfering with whatever Hennessy planned to do with her.

“She’s not lying,” Hennessy stated, staring down at her. “It’s only a matter of time before I find out, anyway. I gave Apoc your driver’s license.”

Penni had seen him searching through her purse when she had been shoved into the backseat of her car. She had no intention of giving him any information on The Last Riders; she wasn’t an idiot. Thank God Shade and she didn’t share the same last name. She was sure Hennessy would eventually find out, though. Hopefully before then, she would be back home, or Shade would find out she was missing.

“Good luck,” Penni snarled. “You need to let me go before my brother finds out I’m missing, or you and your men will get seriously hurt.”

She shivered at the menacing twist of his lips.

“I can take anything your brother wants to dish out.”

“Really? He wouldn’t be your only problem.” Her cheek was beginning to sting from the pressure he was exerting on her face. She forced herself to hold still as he settled even more weight on top of her.

“You’re just filled with surprises. You want to tell me who else will be looking for me?”

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