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Penni had lost count of how many times she had made a fool of herself to keep him off her mind. She forced herself to concentrate now.

“Did you work out a deal with Hennessy to let me go home?”

“Kind of. First, we have to go to the Spring Rally—”

Penni brought her knee up in a sharp movement. She tried to squeeze between him and the wall, but Jackal closed the space between them.

“We don’t have a choice.”

“I’m the only one here who doesn’t have a choice. I want to go home. If you’re not here to help me, then why are you here? Did Hennessy call you to get me to cooperate?”

“No. If you want to go home, then you’re going have to do what Hennessy wants. This isn’t a conspiracy between the Road Kingz and the Predators. Ice wants to help get you back for Grace. Grace could have found another job months ago. The only reason she hasn’t is because of her relationship with you. It might not mean much to you, but she loves you, and the last thing she needs right now is to be worried about you, too.”

Penni was filled with turmoil. Seeing Jackal watching her, she kept her hands from reaching upward toward the universe. Penni could imagine the man judging her. Shade was aware of her strange habit, and he would roll his eyes when he saw her praying to the universe.

“So, the only reason you’re here is to help me?”

“Yes. I’m the best chance you have to get out of here alive. If you don’t help the Road Kingz find Striker, Hennessy said none of us are going to live. The cartel the Road Kingz bought the drugs from want their money.”

“Shade will save me—”

“You believe that Shade can walk on water, but he’s still in Kentucky, and he doesn’t know you’re missing.”


“Can you listen to me just this once? Did I let anything happen to you when I took you to Treepoint?”

“You mean when you kidnapped me?”

“I didn’t kidnap you. The Last Riders, King, and the Predators all explained we needed to keep Lily safe.”

Penni nodded her head. That was what they had all explained to her, but they had all lied to her, too. She had been kidnapped and used as a pawn. The only one who had told her the truth had been Lily. No one would ever be able to break the bond that existed between them.

Lily knew how important the truth was to her. Not many other people could understand, but Lily was one, and Grace was another.

“I’ll trust you, Jackal, but you better not be lying to me.” Penni held out her hand. “Let me have your cell phone. I’ll call Grace and Shade—”

“Hennessy doesn’t want you making any calls.”

“What about Grace? I don’t want her worried.”

“Ice will take care of Grace.”

Her hand dropped. He was lying to her. She could spot one a mile away.

“Let’s get some sleep. We leave at first light.”

Penni felt the shot of adrenaline she had experienced when Jackal had entered the room wear off. Sitting on the side of the bed, she stood back up when she saw Jackal lie down, making himself comfortable.

“You’re not sleeping here!” Penni insisted, reaching down to shove his shoulder and make him move.

“There isn’t an empty bed in the clubhouse, and I’m not fucking sleeping on the floor.”

“I don’t care where you sleep as long as it’s not with me.”

Jackal stretched out his arms, tugging her down to the bed. A long leg wrapped over her, holding her in place. Penni began to struggle against him but stopped when a seductive whisper had her freezing.

“Go to sleep,” Jackal ordered. “It’s not like it’s the first time we’ve slept together.”

Penni moved to the side, burying her face in the crook of her arm. Just like anytime she began to feel nervous, she moved her hands upward toward the stars she wasn’t able to see.

The stars were filled with good energy, guiding her to a calm when she needed to release her inner turmoil. It was a lot easier than going to a psychiatrist or prison when she wanted to knock sense into someone.

Jackal wove his fingers between hers, pressing them to her belly. “Go to sleep, Penni.”

Wearily, she decided she was on her own tonight. The universe had other souls to be concerned with.

Her mind went back to Grace and Oceane. It always took Penni a long time to settle down into sleep. Shade had told her that normal people lived their life on cruise control, while she pushed the speed limits.

She concentrated on their linked hands, unconsciously gripping his hands more tightly, sinking into the warmth at her back as her lids lowered. Some things in the universe were inevitable.

Why was Jackal the only one who seemed able to shift her mind to neutral and calm the constant turmoil in her soul? Penni should have been grateful to have someone to lean on while playing the Road Kingz’ hostage. However, she couldn’t shake the feeling that her savior may be the devil in disguise.

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