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If he hadn’t been pretending as if he were her BFF, he would show her exactly …

The door opening distracted him from planning his revenge. The Predators filed inside as if they owned the restaurant.

“What the fuck!” Hennessy growled as he and the Road Kingz moved to stand up.

“Back down,” Jackal hissed. “The Road Kingz aren’t the only club here for the rally. The Predators are as tired as we are.”

Jackal laid his hand over Penni’s on his thigh. She was looking at Ice, Max, and Colton as if they could save her. It was the way he had wanted her to look at him. Jackal’s hurt pride had him pulling away from her.

“Ice doesn’t want any trouble. He just wants to feed his men and give them a chance to rest.”

“If he gets near Penni …” Hennessy sat back down.

“You keep your word to give her back, and Ice will keep his. Besides, if anyone starts some shit, Ice can help out.”

“I don’t need the Predators’ help.”

Jackal believed him. The Road Kingz weren’t cowards, and they all appeared ready to fight. Hennessy seemed to be returning the Road Kingz to their former glory.

The waitress arrived with their plates, and Jackal didn’t miss the beseeching look Penni shot her. When she lowered hurt-filled eyes as the waitress walked away, Jackal swallowed his hurt pride.

“You’re going to be okay.”

She nodded but didn’t look up, beginning to eat her food. He was a freaking sucker where she was concerned. He didn’t want her sitting there, disappointed that the Predators weren’t making a stand to force her release.

He wanted Penni as his woman. He wanted her to learn that, if anything happened to him, the Predators would take care of her.

“As soon you show me Striker, you can go. I don’t get my kicks from threatening women.”

“That’s not how it seemed when you took me hostage.”

“Don’t get me wrong; I’ll do what I have to in order to keep my men safe. To do that, I have to find Striker. Finish eating and let’s get out of here. The Predators are ruining my appetite.”

His word had the desired effect, and she began eating. Jackal spared Hennessy a grateful look for reassuring Penni.

Penni was one of the most confident women he had ever met, but even she had to be worried about her safety surrounded by so many outlaw motorcycle clubs. Hell, he was worried. The restaurant was filled with at least four different outlaw clubs that he recognized from their colors and patches.

When the waitress returned, Penni turned her head away. Jackal took the check when Hennessy mockingly handed it to him.

“If Jackal keeps feeding us like this, we might need decide to keep him,” he joked.

“If you would give me my purse back, I’d pay.”

“That’s not going to happen. I almost lost my hand when I searched it, and I should have sent Cruz to the ER for the cut on his finger.”

“I told you not to open it.”

“Yes, you did.”

Hennessy and Cruz stood up as Jackal reached out his hand to help Penni slip out of the booth. The Predators stared at them coldly as they filed out the door. Hennessy acknowledged Ice’s cold stare, saluting him mockingly.

Penni sat down on his bike. As he was about to get on, though, she stopped him.

“Ice did that for me, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he did.” he answered, knowing she had referred to Ice’s menacing attitude.

Sitting down, Penni perched her chin on his shoulder. “I’ll have to make him a cake when I get home. Grace said he loves cake.”

“You’re not making Ice a fucking cake.” Jackal started his bike, revving the motor then backing out of the parking spot.

“Why not?”

He wanted to snarl jealously at her, but he reminded himself to play it cool. “He’s on a diet.”

“Really? He doesn’t look like he needs to be on a diet. He looks really good to me.”

Jackal, backing up, planted his leather boots on the pavement. Did she just say that to me?

He’d had more of the BFF bullshit than he could stand. The thought of her staring at Ice’s body had him wanting to hit the nearest wall.

“Yeah, Grace is complaining he’s getting a big gut,” Jackal lied without remorse.

“I don’t want to break his diet.”

He nodded, relieved he wouldn’t have to kill his president because of Penni making him a fucking cake. He lifted his boot to the foot peg, accelerating toward the busy street.

“I’ll have to give him a big hug.”

His bike jerked when she yelled in his ear.

When he came to a stop at a red light, he turned back to her.

“I know something you can give him.”


“Buy him his favorite liquor.”

“That’s a good idea. What is it?”

“Hennessy.” Jackal revved his engine. “And put a big ol’ bow on it.”


“We’re not staying. Hennessy’s only giving us time to shower. He wants to find Striker.”

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