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“He’s waiting, too.”

She wouldn’t find anything out being stuck in the hotel room. It wasn’t like she had a choice, anyway. Therefore, Penni went with Cruz, climbing onto his bike sitting outside the door.

The streets were strangely quiet as they passed the businesses that had been busy just an hour ago. Where were all the bikers in the bars? Her silent questions went unanswered as Cruz’s bike rode outside the city.

Penni began to feel afraid. Had Hennessy decided to kill her after all and bury her body in the desert?

As they rode, Penni saw the orange glow of a huge fire in the sky. Cruz slowed his speed, and Penni was able to see motorcycles parked in front of a huge bonfire.

Cruz maneuvered his bike through the swarming crowd. Relieved, she saw Jackal sitting on his bike with Hennessy and the Road Kingz. After they were parked next to Jackal, she leaped off Cruz’s bike, anxious to go home. At this point, she was even willing to ride Jackal’s bike to Queen City.

“Are you ready to leave?”

Penni didn’t like the grim expression on Jackal’s face as she eagerly came to a stop next to his motorcycle. Hennessy didn’t appear to be in a better mood than Jackal.

“There’s been a snag,” Jackal confirmed the dread she had been feeling when she had seen the Road Kingz stop talking when they had spotted her.

“I don’t care. You told me that, if I found Striker, you would let me leave. I’m holding you to your word. I want to leave now!” Penni demanded, facing Hennessy, her hands clenched on her hips, trying not to strike him. His men would probably kill her for disrespect, but Penni was at the point of not caring.

Jackal reached out, lifting her off her feet to sit sideways across the front of his bike. “Penni, I know you’re upset. Calm down and take a deep breath. It’s almost over. We only have one thing left to do, and Hennessy said we can ride out of here tonight.”

Penni clenched her jaw shut, unconsciously leaning back against Jackal’s chest.

“We talked to Striker. Unfortunately, he found another buyer.” Hennessy’s face looked so angry it was frightening. “Since he already took our money and doesn’t want to give me the product he has for sale, we’re at a stalemate.”

“What does this have to do with me? I can’t make him—”

“Yes, you can. I mentioned your connection to The Last Riders. Evidently, Striker has heard of them.”

Penni felt the angry flush heat her cheeks. She tried to pull away from Jackal. “Who told you about The Last Riders?”

“I did,” Jackal admitted. “I had to give him a reason to keep you alive. You might not have figured it out yet, but Hennessy doesn’t really like you.”

“Really? Let me tell you how I feel about him.” Penni shot her tennis shoes out, trying to kick him.

Jackal slid his hand intimately down her thigh, forcing her to stop kicking out. Cruz, who had made the mistake of stepping in between Hennessy and her when she had lashed out, found himself doubled over in pain.

“I’m killing the fucking bitch …”

Penni found that funny since he was still unable to move.

“Touch me, motherfucker, and—”

“You two shut the hell up.” Hennessy helped his enforcer stand up. “Take a walk,” he continued when Cruz managed to move. “Your brother teach you that language?”

“No, his friend Knox did. Want to meet him?”

While Knox and Hennessy were the same size and both shared the same lack of hair, Penni bet on Knox beating the shit out of him. Knox would jerk one of those diamond earrings out of Hennessy’s ear and use it as a tongue ring. The thought had her twitching in humor, making the men believe she had lost her mind.

“I’ll pass. The Last Riders might have everyone afraid of them in Kentucky, but I’ll put my money on any of these clubs from California.”

“You’d lose,” Penni confidently contradicted him. “You may not have heard of The Last Riders, but Striker’s heard enough that he’s going to hand over what you’re wanting.”

“That doesn’t mean shit—”

“You two stop arguing. I’d like to enjoy the music before Striker gets here. Cruz, go find us some beers. Hennessy, those bitches over there have been trying to get your attention for the past ten minutes.”

Penni refused to look up at Jackal as the men stepped away.

“You cold?”

She remained silent, and Penni heard his sigh above her.

“The silent treatment again?”

She bit down on her lip to keep from replying.

“Your blaming me for Hennessy making you stay?”

This time, she couldn’t hold her tongue. “I blame you for telling him about The Last Riders and for not keeping your promise to get me out of here tonight.”

“Baby, I’m good, but I can’t perform miracles. You might think that Hennessy listens to me and we’re friends, but we’re not. He’s keeping you close because he thinks you’re too much trouble.”

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