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“That was nice of Viper,” Penni said suspiciously.

“Yes, it was. Don’t repay him by putting your nose where it doesn’t belong. Jackal and Hennessy both have to make amends before they leave. Viper won’t tolerate you butting in, even though you’re my sister.”

“I understand.”

“I hope you do, Penni,” Shade answered grimly. “Don’t expect me to get in a fight between you and The Last Riders. You’ll lose.”


The backyard was filled with The Last Riders. Jackal sat on the picnic table, drinking the beer Rider had handed him before sitting down beside him.

“How in the fuck did Shade manage to catch her?” Jackal tipped his beer toward Lily who was sitting at a patio table with Shade, Penni, and Train.

Rider chuckled. “He paid for a personality transplant.”

“His doctor should be sued for malpractice.”

“You should have known him before he married Lily.”


“More like painful. He had to wait a long time before she noticed him.”

“His sister is following in his example.” Jackal watched Penni flirt with Train. As they talked, Penni used any reason to reach out and touch Train.

Jackal wanted to walk across the yard, steal her away, carry her to his room, and spank her ass until she couldn’t sit for a week.

Two problems stopped him: One, he was forced to share a room with Rider. Two, Rider would enjoy it as much he would.

Rider cast him a sidelong look. “Train thinks of Penni as a little sister.”

“You should tell her. She’s making a fool of herself.”

“If you spent any time with Penni, you’d know telling her anything she doesn’t want to hear goes in one ear and out the other.”

“You sure he isn’t interested?”

Rider tilted his head. “I’m sure. Believe me; Penni isn’t the type of woman he goes for.”

“What kind of woman does he go for?” Curious, he turned to look at Rider. If he stared at Penni and Train much longer, he would toss him off the hill the clubhouse was built on.

“Look around. Take your pick.”

Jackal understood what he meant. The Last Riders didn’t lack for female companionship. One or two of the woman had reminded him of how long it had been since he had been laid. When they returned to Queen City, he was going to tell Ice they needed more women, or he was going to become a Last Rider.

A provocative laugh had him changing his mind.

It didn’t matter how many women Ice found to fill his bed. None of them would be her, and Jackal was determined to have her.

She had become an obsession. None of the women in that yard had her bottom lip that seemed to beg to suck his dick. He imagined her kneeling in front of him as he thrust his cock in her wet mouth …

Jackal jerked upright, throwing his empty bottle away in the trash can. “I need another beer.”

“Help yourself.” Rider tugged a sultry woman to him as she passed while Jackal sauntered to the ice chest, taking his time to grab a beer.

“Lily rented the entire series of My Boyfriend is a Zombie. Knox and Diamond are going to come over to watch and so are Rider and Crash. Why don’t you come, and I’ll make a pitcher of Bourbon Sours?”

“Zombie movies give me nightmares.” Train smiled indulgently at Penni’s disappointed expression.

“You’re not afraid of zombie—”

“It’s not the zombies that bother me; it’s Diamond thinking they’re going to take over the world. Knox is a brave man to go home after the nights he works the late shift. He said she’s turned the house into Fort Knox.”

Jackal wanted to vomit when she laughed at Train’s joke. He wondered how fucking funny Penni would find it when he threw him off the hill.

He took a cold beer then leaned against a nearby tree where he was able to listen to their conservation.

He ignored Shade’s occasional stare, becoming more and more irritated as the afternoon slowly progressed.

“Viper said the charcoals are ready. Help me carry the meat out?” Lily stood, reaching out to take Shade’s hand and giving him no choice but to go with her.

So Lily was trying to play matchmaker?

Her attempt was made in vain, though, as Train stood. “I’ll help Viper. I like my steaks rare. If I don’t do it myself, he’ll burn it to a crisp.”

He wanted to shake Penni at her meek reply. “Oh … okay.” Since when had she become meek?

Jackal took another beer out of the ice chest then took the seat Shade had vacated, placing the beer on the table in front of her.

“You’re never going to get him to notice you by kissing his ass.”

“Shut up,” she hissed. “You don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!”

“Really? It’s pretty obvious. You licked your lips so often I bet Train couldn’t make up his mind if you were thirsty or about to lick him next.”

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