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Penni snapped her mouth closed, stomping out of the kitchen and going to the basement. She almost said something to Genny, but from her expression, she could tell she didn’t want to talk.

She stretched for a couple minutes then turned on the treadmill.

“Hennessy’s just irritated from being cooped up,” Jackal said as he came up behind her.

“He had no business taking it out on Genny.” Penni turned to see Genny dump a handful of clothes in the dryer.

Jackal raised his hands in surrender. “I’m not disagreeing with you; I’m explaining.”

“He’s a grown man. He doesn’t need you to apologize for him, and I’m not the one who deserves an apology.”

“It’s okay,” Genny said softly.

“No, it’s not. The next time you fix him a plate of food, bash him upside his head with it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Genny shook her head. “I’ll see you two tomorrow.”

Penni waved as Genny left. She would be on her way to work for Willa at the bakery for the rest of the day.

She liked Genny. During the past week, she had spent a portion of every morning with her. It allowed her to give Shade and Lily alone time with John. She felt like she distracted Genny from her work, so Penni would take a couple of her jobs to pass the time. Then they would often share a cup of coffee before Genny left.

Genny was a sweet woman with a good head on her shoulders. She worked two jobs: one for Willa baking, the other cooking and cleaning after The Last Riders. She had saved enough money to purchase Willa’s home. There weren’t many nineteen-year-olds who could accomplish that. Hell, Penni was twenty-four and had shit for money in her checking account. As soon as she could talk Kaden into giving her a raise, she wanted to save enough money to buy her condo.

Something definable reminded her of Lily. Penni couldn’t pinpoint what is was, but like Lily, she kept her secrets to herself.

“Want to play some cards? Hennessy and Rider went upstairs, and Train went to work at the factory.”

The Last Riders had a factory next door. When Shade had told her that he was working for them and making survivalist equipment, she had been fascinated. Over the years, she had realized how they had helped people facing natural disaster, often donating their time and equipment. The rest of the club members wouldn’t be back until their shifts ended that afternoon.

“No thanks. I don’t play cards.”

“Why not?”

“Because I win, and people—especially men—are lousy losers.”

Jackal laughed as he sat down on the home gym, pulling the bar downward.

Penni watched him out of the corner of her eye. His jeans were low enough that she could she could see his abs. He straddled the seat, lifting the weights effortlessly. Penni was tempted to adjust the weights so she could see a sheen of sweat cover his body.

Watching Jackal’s T-shirt play peek-a-boo each time he stretched his arms upward raised her lust to a fever pitch.

“Train doesn’t talk much, does he?”

His remark had Penni turning back to him. “Not a lot, no.”

“Seems to me Rider would be more your type.”

“God, no.” Penni shuddered. She wouldn’t be able to feed him. The only thing he loved more than food was women. “I’d end up having to cut off his dick if he was my boyfriend.”

“He’s not into monogamy?”

“What do you think? Rider looks at women the way he looks at a smorgasbord. He wants to try it all.”

“From what I can tell, Train eats at the same restaurant.”

“Are you trying to piss me off?” Penni sped- up the treadmill.

“No, I’m just trying to understand what you see in him.” Jackal let go of the pull down bar to take off his T-shirt.

Penni stopped the treadmill. “Why? So you can make fun of me?”

Jackal raised up from the bench, his hands going to the bars of the treadmill. His taut body had her eyes dropping to his tattoos. There was a grim reaper on his chest with a web of strands leading out of his billowing cowl. The scythe led to his shoulder then down the side of his arm. On his other arm was a skull with a red bandana covering the eyes.

“Why would I make fun of you? Because you’re wasting your time on a man who doesn’t have a problem finding a woman to warm his bed?”

“So?” Rigidly, she stared back at him.

“Believe me, Train isn’t shy. If he wanted you, he wouldn’t give a fuck who your brother was or whether they were friends or not. If you’re not in his bed, it’s because he doesn’t want you there.”

Penni used her shoulder to push him away. “When I want your advice, I’ll ask for it! You don’t know shit about Train.”

“And neither do you. That’s not a red flag to you? That if he wanted you, he would have made a move a long time ago?”

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