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“Does anyone know what’s going on?” Willa murmured, not wanting to wake Darcy who was beginning to fall asleep. “Lucky just told me to stay down here and then went upstairs.”

The men hadn’t told any of them what was going on, but they had come down here, anyway. It was a testament to the love these women felt toward their husbands—respecting and trusting that it was for their own good.

Unfortunately for them, Penni thought they deserved to know.

“There’s a fire at Genny’s home.” When Willa seemed about to jump off the couch, Penni reassured her, “She’s at the sheriff’s office; she’s fine.”

“Thank God.” Willa and the women didn’t want to alarm the children, so they talked softly.

Willa and Beth carried the children to Lucky’s bedroom, settling them so they could sleep as they waited.

“Chance and Noah think it’s a sleepover.” Beth had given up her pacing to sit down next to Lily, running her head over John’s hair. “He gets more beautiful every day. Women aren’t going to stand a chance from falling in love with him.”

“If he takes after his mama, it will be love at first sight.”

“That’s not exactly how I remember it.” Penni snorted. “You were afraid of your own shadow then. I had to drag you out of the dorm room to go to a party, and you hugged the wall the whole time.”

Lily laughed. “I may have been exaggerating a little bit.”

“A little?” Penni and the rest of the women laughed with her.

Diamond turned the television on, starting the third movie in the series, I’m Having a Baby with a Zombie.

“Uh … Diamond, do you think it’s a good idea to watch this now?” Penni really didn’t want to watch a zombie movie when the clubhouse was under attack. She personally didn’t think that a blood and guts movie would take their mind off their fears.

“If I die, when will I get to watch it again?” she retorted.

Cash, Razer, Drake, and Stump didn’t look like they appreciated her humor.

“You’re not going to die, but it will take our mind off being worried about Genny.” Penni settled down on the other side of Lily. She wanted to call Jackal to see what was going on, but she didn’t want to interrupt him.

Once the movie ended, they were about to start another one when Cash stopped them.

“They’re back.”

Penni followed the women upstairs, anxious to find out what had happened.

The living room was crowded, so Penni stood in the open doorway. She could barely see Genny shivering beneath a blanket.

“I’ll make some coffee,” Penni said to no one in particular, turning toward the kitchen and filling the empty pot.

Viper led Genny to the kitchen table, telling everyone, “Go to bed. The fire is out. Train, Rider, and Max will keep an eye on the house.”

The crowd began to dissipate.

Willa sat down next to Genny, taking her hands in her own. “What happened?”

“Greer took Genny to the grocery store. When he came back, he saw someone had been in the house. He got her out as the house exploded. Knox said the fire department thinks it was a gas leak.” Viper put an arm around Winter’s shoulder.

Penni stared at Genny in horror. She knew how much the woman had loved her new home.

“Was it intentional?”

“Yes,” Viper revealed the answer everyone had been waiting for.

Genny buried her face in her hands, which were shaking.

Hennessy, who was standing by the kitchen door, slammed his fist into the door, making it swing madly. The wood splintered as the door parted from the doorjamb then leaned drunkenly to one side.

“I take it that one wasn’t made out of steel,” Penni muttered to Cash as she passed him to gather coffee cups.

“I must have missed that one.”

Penni passed out coffee to the ones left in the kitchen. Ice and Jackal stood by themselves, shaking their heads when she offered them some.

“How did you get so dirty?” she asked Jackal. His face was covered in grime, his T-shirt was ripped, and his jeans were torn almost completely off.

“Genny had a new kitten that became scared when she tried to catch it. It climbed a tree, and I tried to get it down.”

“Where is it?” Penni looked at Genny who was still crying helplessly in Willa’s arms.

“When I tried to get it, it jumped down and ran into the road.”

Penni wanted to tell her how sorry she was, but she didn’t want to bother her and Willa. Plus, she was gradually getting herself under control.

When she managed to quit crying, Penni went to her, patting her shoulder. “Let’s go get you cleaned up. You can share my room at Shade’s home. There are twin beds. I promise not to snore.”

“Go ahead,” Willa urged. “You’ll feel better when you get the smell of smoke off you.”

Genny nodded, letting Penni lead her away.

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