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“Damn, I knew it wouldn’t be that easy.” Jackal stared down at the empty coffee cup in his hands. “I talked to Genny. She said Willa asked her to go to the store yesterday. She made a list for me, and I’ve managed to narrow it down to Ember, Raci, and Jewel.” He had debated over telling Viper, knowing Viper had asked her the same question.

“I’ll text Shade and tell him,” Ice said. “He’s already pulled everyone’s messages and phone calls. It will save some time.”

“All three women followed the club from Ohio,” Viper told them. “I’ll call Moon. The clubhouse there is on alert, as well. I’ll ask if any had any contact. If Shade and I question the three women, though, it will make them suspicious.” Viper pushed his plate away, staring at them.

Jackal didn’t respect many men, but Viper was putting the club’s safety ahead of his pride, and that was worth his respect.

Ice and Jackal hadn’t intended to tell him about their plan. He still didn’t, and now he wouldn’t have to. Viper already knew.

The three men didn’t need to discuss the strategy to catch the traitor; they all knew time wasn’t on their side.

“One thing for fucking sure: today is going to be an interesting day.” Viper’s eyes focused on him.

“Yes, it is.”


Penni brushed the tickle attacking her noise away as she woke up. Blinking, she stared up at the baby blues of her nephew. Lily’s giggle had her turning her sleepy gaze toward Lily as she picked up John.

“I’m sorry. He was playing on his blanket when I went to make his breakfast.”

Penni raised up on the couch she had fallen asleep on last night after Jackal had left. “That’s okay. I didn’t mean sleep so late. I’ll never get back on schedule when I get back to work.”

“Maybe Kaden will fire you, and you’ll move to Kentucky. I’m going to miss seeing you every day.”

“You have plenty friends to keep you occupied.”

Lily’s face fell as she sat down on the couch beside her. “Are you mad at me because of Killyama?”

“Kind of.” She and Lily had been friends long enough that she felt Lily could have given her a heads up.

“I’m sorry, Penni. I should have told you, especially when I egged you on to try to make Train interested in you. As far as I know, it was the one time, and the two fight all the time. Killyama insults him more than flirts with him. But that’s no excuse. I guess I’ve been missing you so much I lost my judgement. That and I’m not allowed to talk about anything that involves the men.”

“The bro code?”

“Yes.” Lily laid her head on her shoulder. “Can you forgive me?”

John sat on Lily’s lap, tugging at the dangling tie of her blouse.

“That depends on whether you make me French toast for breakfast.”

“With strawberries?”

“I forgive you.” Penni hugged Lily then lifted John onto her lap. “Your mama knows I can’t resist a good meal. Is that how you get Shade to stop being mad at you?”

“Yeah, sure.” Lily blushed, getting off the couch.

“Jackal said the way to his heart is through his dick.” Penni fell back on the couch cushions, laughing when Lily’s face turned even redder.

Lily picked up one of the pillows, hitting her with it, making sure she didn’t hit John.

Penni only shook her head at Lily as she left to make breakfast.

A knock came to door as they were finishing breakfast. Penni smiled when Lily opened the door to find Jackal filling the doorway.

He came in, sitting down at the table with them.

“You want some breakfast?” Lily offered.

“No thanks. I’m not hungry.”

Penni knew Jackal wasn’t a man who smiled a lot, but his flinty expression had her wondering what troubled him so early in the day.

“Willa is going to take Genny clothes shopping in Lexington.”

“That’s a good idea. I told her to help herself to my clothes, but nothing is like having your own.”

Was his distant behavior just because of the fire last night?

Penni reached out, covering his hand with hers and giving it a tight squeeze.

He pulled his away. “Genny asked if you want to go.”

If she went, they wouldn’t be able to sneak out to the hotel tonight. It would take at least three hours to drive there, so by the time they shopped and drove back, it would be late.

“Willa wants to make a day out of it, staying for dinner and then staying in a hotel and driving back tomorrow. She thinks giving Genny a day away from Treepoint will help instead of having to drive back and forth to work and seeing the shell of her house.”

“Is it safe? I thought Viper wanted us to stay near the club.” Penni asked. She wanted to help by spending time with Genny, but dammit, she had waited a long time to lose her virginity, and since making her mind up that Jackal would be the one, she was anxious to be with him.

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