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Penni began kissing him back, burrowing her hands under his T-shirt to run them across his waist then reach around to the small of his back.

Jackal lifted her onto the counter before pulling down her blouse, baring the lacy, pale blue bra. He pulled her breasts out of the cups, sinking his mouth onto one taut nipple.

“I want to fuck you so badly!” he groaned, blowing his heated breath over her wet nipple.

“I didn’t mean I was going to make up my mind tonight.” Penni circled her thighs around his hips.

“I’m not going to fuck you tonight after what happened, and I have to work for Henry tomorrow night. That gives you two days to make your mind up.”

“If I don’t, what then?”

“I’ll make it up for you.” Jackal tugged her legs down, unsnapping her jeans. He took the jeans and wispy panties off, dropping them to the floor.

She curled her hands over the countertop, licking her bottom lip. “What are you doing? You just said I had two days—”

“Helping you make up your mind.” He buried his face in her belly, tracing her belly button with his tongue. “Your body is so hot. It makes me want to do everything nasty I can think of to you.” Jackal caressed her flesh until he reached her pussy, spreading her legs wider.

“Like what?” she croaked.

“Like this.” He used his thumbs to part the lips of her pussy, sucking her clitoris into his mouth.

“Oh, God …” Penni moaned. “What else?”

He lowered himself to his knees then blew on her shiny bud. “I’m going to make your pussy cry for me.”

He licked the length of her cunt then drove his tongue into her pussy. Penni reached to the cabinets above her head.

“You taste like peach rum.”

Her moist pussy was almost pushing him to his breaking point, but he wanted this time to be all about her.

He searched for the spot she was the most sensitive. When he found it, she started whimpering.

“That’s not as good as my dick is going to feel.”

“It’s pretty good now,” she panted.

“Only pretty good?”

“You like to talk too much,” she complained, bringing her hands to his hair to push him back down.

“I thought girls like that shit.” He placed his hands on her hips so she didn’t fall off the counter.

“I’m not most girls.”

“No, you’re not.”

Jackal used his tongue to torment Penni’s pussy, sliding in and out of her then lashing her clitoris before sliding back inside. Her wetness spread, making it easier for him to slip deeper inside her pulsing muscles, driving him on, becoming drunk on her taste.

“Say my name,” Penni moaned. “Say my name,” she repeated.

“Penni …”

“Jackal … if you ever fuck around on me again, I’ll kill you,” she moaned.

He took her warning seriously. The woman didn’t do anything in half measures. She was all in … or she was away. Jackal wasn’t going to let that happen.

Her throbbing pussy was the only one he needed, the only one he couldn’t live without tasting. And right now, it was convulsing, nearly making him come as she shattered on his tongue.

When she sat on the counter like a limp doll, he pressed kisses on her belly then each of her breasts then on her waiting mouth. Then he helped her off the countertop and back into her jeans.

He shoved her panties into his back pocket.

“Give those back.”

“No. I’m going to put them in my nightstand.”

She blushed, reminded of what she had kept in her nightstand before he had destroyed it.

“Are you going to cut them up, too?” Her mouth was still wet from his kiss.

“Fuck no,” Jackal teased. “You probably don’t want to know what I’m going to do to them when I get home.” He plucked at the front of his jeans, trying to ease the material from strangling his cock.

“That’s definitely TMI.”

“You can have them back in two days.” He walked to her door. If he stayed much longer, he would be using her pussy to ease his aching cock instead of her panties.

“You can have them.”

Jackal pulled her in for one more kiss. “Lock the door after me.”

“Why? The only pervert I need to keep out is you, and you have a key.”

Jackal smacked her bottom as he went out the door, barely making it out before she slammed it behind him.

“God, I’m going to marry that woman.”


Penni looked up from her computer screen when she heard the office door open.

“What are you doing here?”

Grace came into the room, wearing a gorgeous dress that had her self-consciously straightening her casual top over her black pants.

“I decided to come back early.” Grace smiled at her, putting her purse on the desk catty-corner from hers.

“I told you to take the rest of the month off.”

“Dad told me to come home, that he needed to be alone.” Her smile slipped then firmed. “He’s going on a road trip. I think it will be good for him. He’s bought a motorcycle and will ride throughout the country until he decides which movie he’s going to direct next.”

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