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Grace stood uncertainly. “I feel terrible. It’s not like they’re in the same room. He stays in a separate room behind a two-way mirror so the women stay safe. Usually, it’s high profile men who want a place to have sex without being seen. The men pay for the room and the women with neither of them knowing each other.”

“How do you know about it?”

Grace threw their trash away, going back to her desk. “Ice and I went there a couple times,” she muttered. “You know, to spice things up.”

Penni couldn’t help giggling. “Did it work?”

“God, yes. We usually don’t have a problem, but damn, it was … fantastic. Vida and Colton have, too. And I think that Max wants to, too, so bad. The room is expensive.” Grace waved her hand in front of her face. “If I didn’t want the hot tub fixed, I’d get Ice to splurge on another night.”

Penni went to the temperature control, turning the air conditioner down.

“Do any of the bouncers watch when any of you—”

“Hell, no. Only the customers get watched because Henry doesn’t want any of the women or men to get hurt. Some of their clients have a lot of money and think them giving a beating is included in the price. Ice said one of the men tried to break one of the women’s arms a couple of weeks ago, and Jackal jacked him up.” Grace rolled her eyes at Ice’s choice of words.

“Some of the male workers earn money that way?”

Grace nodded. “A couple of them do. Some of the bartenders are very good-looking, not that I noticed.”

“I have.” Penni picked up her cell phone. She noticed Grace watching her as she asked the voice on the other end of the line to speak to Henry. Penni almost started giggling again as Grace listened to her requests.

When she hung up the call, she turned to her computer.

“Did you just rent Henry’s room tonight?”

“Yes.” Penni read a new email that came in during lunch.

“But … It’s Monday. Jackal’s working there tonight.”

“I know.”

“You sure you’re not here to start trouble?” Henry’s skeptical gaze took in her appearance in her brand new red dress that was so tight and short she had to resist the urge to tug it down.

“I promise.”

Henry held out his hand.

“What?” Penni asked in confusion.

“Your card was denied.”

Damn. She reached into her purse, taking out the card she used for emergencies. She would pay Shade back. It’s kind of an emergency, she consoled herself as Henry went into his office, coming back a minute later and handing the card back.

“It’s the room on the right, off the bar.” Henry’s big body blocked her view as he keyed in a series of numbers for the gold door at the stairs of the strip club. “Enjoy.”

She almost snapped back at the amusement he made no effort to hide.

“You didn’t tell, did you?” Penni asked.

“No. I keep my promises.” Henry gave her another warning look.

Geez, what does he think I’m going to do?

Penni almost tripped over the plush carpet as she scoped out the room. Damn, she had been missing out. The bar room downstairs looked like a dive compared to the expensive furniture in this part of the club. The black booths were padded, and a small candle gave their occupants privacy. She was going to hit Kaden up for a higher salary if this was one of the things money could buy.

Penni saw the door off the bar, going to it and keying in the numbers Henry had given her.

She turned the knob, entering the dim room. Then she walked toward the bed, dropping her purse onto it before turning to face the mirror that she knew was a two-way looking glass.

She cleared her voice. She could almost sense him from the other room.

“Please don’t come out. I need to say something to you.” She took a deep breath, trying to begin the speech she had rehearsed in her head on the way to the bar.

“I told you I would know my soul mate after I slept with him, but I don’t have to know that now. I’m not scared of seeing the real you. You think I don’t remember that you’ve been an ass in the past? Did you seriously believe that, when you suddenly turned over a new leaf and became normal, I wouldn’t notice?” Penni shook her head. “Really?” she scoffed. “Some of the women even know what day of the week you’ll take them to the Predators’ clubhouse to fuck.

“Despite what you told me last night, I don’t believe you’re capable of walking away from the Predators. You’re a dangerous, lethal, hot-tempered, risky asshole who will never change, but that doesn’t frighten me, either. I think, after you get tired of me, I will become just another day of the week to you. However, if I can jump off a limb, nearly set my house on fire, and almost electrocute myself, I think I can handle you.”

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