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After dropping her feet, he gripped the lace of her panties, ripping them apart. Then he lifted Penni by her hips and placed her over his jutting dick, positioning her pussy where he wanted it.

Penni stared into his eyes as she sank down on him, her head falling back and her tits turning as peach as her bra when all of his cock was buried in her.

Giving her a minute, he caressed her back until she began sliding up then down on him. He let her fuck him at her own speed. She was so tight he couldn’t believe she could move at all.

He put his hand on her pussy, rolling his thumb over the bud of her clitoris, and Penni squirmed on him, her wetness surrounding him and making it easier for her to move on him.

Braced between his hands, he held her, urging her to move faster while taking a nipple in his mouth. He almost bit her when her muscles clenched on his dick.

“Woman, you need to quit reading so much.” Jackal raised his hips as he thrust higher into her.

Penni’s pleasure-filled expression showed she was affected as he was. She arched her back, moving faster, and Jackal’s balls tightened.

Spreading his legs, he shifted, lowering her to the floor, and then he was over her, relentlessly pumping his aching cock into her pussy.

When she began screaming, she flung her hand out, grabbing his T-shirt and biting it to muffle her screams.

Jackal wiped the sweat out of his eyes, waiting for her spasms to stop before he flipped her onto her stomach and started fucking her again. She began clawing the carpet, grabbing the T-shirt she had slipped off of him to bite it, stifling the moans she couldn’t hold back.

“Any more positions you want to try?” Jackal goaded, trying to hold back his loud groans.

She shook her head, unable to answer.

He paced his thrusts, using the head of his dick to hit different spots along the walls of her slick channel. When he found the spot he wanted, he butted against it rhythmically until even his T-shirt couldn’t muffle her screams.

Jackal stiffened over her, unable to hold back the release he knew would send her over the edge with him.

“I guess we need to turn on the music next time,” Jackal muttered, dropping down beside her on the carpet.

“I’m not leaving this room until everyone is gone.” The only part of her body she could move was her head, and she only turned that so she could glare at him.

He slid his hand down to cup the prettiest ass he had ever seen. “Believe me, your screams are nothing to be embarrassed about. I can do what Stump does and turn on a porno. He said it gives him inspiration.” Jackal rolled his front toward the ceiling. “It’s a good way to slip a bitch in your bedroom that you don’t want the brothers to know you’re fucking.”

Jackal knew he had said the wrong thing when she raised up to sit on the floor. He laid his head on the curled up shirt.

“Like you do when you slip in Henry’s girls?” Her face turned serious, calling him out on the lies he had told her.


“Are you—”

“I haven’t fucked any of them since Hennessy kidnapped you. I don’t plan to as long as you keep me happy.”

Air was pushed out of his lungs when she sprang up to sit on his waist.

“I don’t think that’s funny!”

Jackal raised a hand to the nape of her neck, pulling her down to his mouth. “Who can’t take a joke now?”

“I can’t stand the thought of you with another woman.”

He teased the corner of her mouth. “Me, neither. You’ve turned me against wanting other women.”

“Quit teasing me. It’s not funny anymore.”

Jackal tangled his fingers in her hair. “Babe, I’m deadly serious. Why would I want second place when I can have the best?”

“Aw, you may have dug yourself out of the dog house.”

Jackal gave her a hungry kiss, as if he hadn’t just fucked her. “You ready to get a shower?”

Penni pinned his shoulders down. “Keep going. You’re not finished digging.”

Jackal leaned through the rolled down window to kiss Penni’s pouting mouth.

“You sure you don’t want to take me out to breakfast?”

“I can’t,” he told her. “I’m meeting someone in thirty minutes.”

“Okay, we can do it tomorrow.”

Jackal watched her drive away before going to his bike where Max and Fade were waiting, already sitting on their bikes.

“Let’s get this show over with.” Max started his motor. “I have an hour.”

“Why are you working on a Saturday, anyway?” Jackal straddled his bike, starting his own motor.

“Brother, you know how many kids I have, and they all need new shoes.” He grinned, backing up.

Jackal turned around, maneuvering his bike to take the lead with Max and Fade riding behind. It was ten minutes to the house that sat on the corner of a street where the residents were afraid to go out after dark.

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