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“Every night I went to sleep, I imagined your mouth on me.” Unconsciously, Jackal’s hand went to his side, clenching the coverlet in his grip.

She took him to the back of her throat as she fondled his balls.

He wanted to jerk her down to the bed and thrust into her balls deep, but he sensed she wanted him in her control. She’d had no control when he had left her, so she needed to regain her power in their relationship, and Jackal let her have it. She deserved more for what he had put her through.

Her little nipples grew taut, flushing as her excitement grew. When she moaned, Jackal couldn’t take another second.

He rolled her back to the bed, sliding his legs between hers. Plastering his mouth to hers, he figured, if he was going to drown, she was going down with him.

He slid his cock into her weeping pussy an inch at a time. It was like taking one piece of her at a time.

At first, her pussy was tight, but then it loosened as he moved, relaxing as excitement built, as he touched each of her contracting muscles. She trusted him to give her what she needed, to take the ascent they were both trying to reach.

Thrusting deeper, he put his mouth to her ear. “If I never have another moment on this earth, I want to spend the last with you like this: with my dick in you, giving my soul to you. You’re the only reason my heart is still beating.

“I rode across most of the United States and Mexico, just so I could come home and breathe again. Fade was killed, and Raul turned his gun on me. I wasn’t even afraid of dying, because I knew we would be together again. It might have taken years and years, but you would be with me again in eternity. I knew you would find me when it was your time to pass. You would hear me calling to you until you could find me.”

He thruster harder until he was pounding her into the bed, grasping the mattress so they wouldn’t fall to the floor.

“Penni … Penni … You’re my own Penni from Heaven.” His raw emotions lit a passionate fire in her that had Penni curling her legs around his, slamming her pussy up to take what she needed from him.

Jackal … He heard her calling his name over and over without a sounding passing her lips. Their souls were claiming each other back, erasing the pain of the last six months and replacing it with a joy that would last through the lifetime that lay ahead of them.

When he could breathe again, he was able to focus on her face as they lay curled into each other, stroking the each other, unable to believe they were together again.

Jackal curled an arm over her shoulder, enjoying the serenity of the climax she had gave him and holding her close again.

He lifted one tired eyelid to see hers scrunched in worry. He hastily closed his eye, not wanting to know what was going through her mind.

Damn, he was tired … and Penni was obviously not.

When Jackal couldn’t ignore her jostling his shoulder anymore, he raised both of his eyelids to look at her.

“What?” he grumbled.

“We have to leave. Henry charges double on Friday nights.”

“I’ll pay for it. Go to sleep.” Jackal closed his eyes tightly, hoping she would take the hint.

“Uh … You promise you won’t be mad?”

Jackal opened his eyes.

“I had Ice place another bet for me, and I placed one for you, too. I thought it was a done deal. How could we lose?” She bit her bottom lip.

Any other time, he would give her something else besides her lip to nibble on. Right now, though, she had his undivided attention.

“I really thought it would take you longer to figure out where I was. Max won.”

“How much did you bet?”

“I only bet a hundred for myself,” she hastily told him.

“How much did you bet for me?”

“I knew you needed a new motorcycle, so I bet five hundred for you.”

Jackal sprang out of bed, shoving his head through the opening of his T-shirt. When he picked up his jeans, he quickly tossed Penni her clothes. “Get dressed.”

She climbed out of bed, clumsily getting dressed. “I’m so sorry. I mean, how could we lose?”

“You said that,” Jackal snapped, putting on his boots then helping Penni button her blouse.

“You’re mad,” she stated the obvious.

“It’s okay.” Jackal remembered the phone that had fallen to the floor, handing it to Penni. “You can make it up to me. I bet Max we would have more kids than him.”

Penni hurried across the room as Jackal opened the door. “Does the one I offered to be a surrogate for with Winter count?”

Jackal crashed into the doorjamb at her words. “No, it didn’t include …” He lowered his voice, seeing everyone in the room watching them. “We can talk about this later.”

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