Hostage (Predators MC 3) - Page 108

Jackal held the baby to her, and Penni tenderly stared down at the tiny being who was sound asleep.

“He’s beautiful,” she whispered.

“She’s beautiful,” Jackal corrected.

“A girl … The sonogram said it was a boy.”

“Babe, when have you ever done what you’re supposed to?” Jackal chuckled.

“Are you sure she’s ours?” Penni ignored the pain in her throat and the rest of her body. She couldn’t believe the beautiful child was hers.

When she ran a caressing finger down her soft check, the baby lifted her curious eyes up to her. They were cerulean blue like hers. Then her little rosebud mouth curled into a twisted smile like Jackal’s.

“I’m sure.”

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