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In between kissing her, I muttered, “If I thrust balls deep inside of you, Mila, everything will change, and I don’t want to fuck up our friendship. It’s too important to me.”

“Are you saying that you don’t want to do this with me?”

“No.” I shook my head while kissing her. “I totally want to do this. I want to do this more than I’ve ever wanted to do anything.”

She smiled against my mouth, kissing me.

“I’m just saying that I don’t want to fuck up our friendship.”

“I know. Me either. Maybe we’re friends that just have sex every once in a while?”

I chuckled, pecking her lips. “Like friends with benefits?”

“Yeah,” she panted, sliding her tongue in my mouth.

“I don’t think that’s going to work.”


I slid my tongue past her lips. “Because it’s you.”

She giggled, and my cock twitched.

“All right, my dick is getting impatient and my balls are about to turn blue, so we need to get this train moving.”

“I’m not the one stalling your caboose. Are you running out of stamina, Leo?”

“Oh, I’ll show you stamina.” In one hard thrust, I was in fact, balls deep inside of her.

From the force of my movement, her back slid across the mattress and her head hit one of the pillows that were pressed up against the wall. Nothing compared or even came close to the feeling of this girl, to the sensations that she stirred within me. This was more than just sex, more than just two bodies coming together, more than anything I’d ever experienced before.

This was her.

My best friend.

“There’s no coming back from this.”

She panted, “I know.”

I positioned my knee a little higher, causing her leg to incline with mine. Her breathing spiked, and I knew I was hitting her g-spot better from the angle.

My face hovered above hers as we caught our breath, trying to find a rhythm. It was effortless, the two of us coming together. My thrusts became harder and rougher, her body responded perfectly with mine. Our hips moved like we were made for each other. I lapped at her breasts, unable to get enough of her.

“Leo,” she breathed out, and I swear my cock got harder.

I moved back up to her face, and our mouths parted, we both panted profusely. I felt myself starting to come unhinged which was very unusual for me.

Fuck me.

Don’t come so fast, Leo.

Think about baseball, about football, about anything other than how incredible she felt throbbing on the head of your cock.

“Fuck, you feel good. How do you feel this good?”

“I’m almost there,” she breathlessly gasped.

“Mmm…” I groaned, her pussy gripping onto my dick. “If you do that again, I’m going to come.”

“What happened to ladies first?”

“No one feels like you, Lala. Jesus, it’s like your pussy was made for me.”

Mila apparently liked dirty talk, in less than a second, she exploded around my shaft.



Utterly mind-blowing.

Climaxing all the way down to my balls and taking me right over with her. I shook with my release and passionately kissed her.

From her neck.

To her breasts.

Back up to her lips.

“I don’t usually go that fast, I promise.”

“I mean, I can still see why girls spend the night. Your oral skills are an A-plus. Watching all that porn with your boys really turned out well for you.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed that so much because I already want to suck on your clit again. There’s no coming back from you, is there?”

“Damn,” she breathed out, making me hard again. “I guess things took a really sharp turn, huh?”

“You could say that.”

“So, what now?”

“Now.” I cunningly grinned, kissing down her chest. “I’m going to have to fuck you with my mouth again.”

I ate her out two more times, and I lost count of how many times I made her scream my fucking name. Begging me to stop.

I didn’t.

After our third time having sex, I pulled her into my arms and she fell fast asleep in a matter of seconds.

Softly, I played with her hair, staying up all night. Not wanting tomorrow to arrive so soon. I counted down the hours she was wrapped in my arms. Blissfully sleeping. Looking fucking gorgeous.

I didn’t want her to go.

I was ready to beg her to stay.

Though I wouldn’t.

I couldn’t.

Could I?

I didn’t know where we went from here, what I would say to her in the morning, what she would say to me. There was no going back after this, we crossed the line, we were so far over the line, it was now gone.



Maybe the line was never there? Maybe it was…

All I knew was that I didn’t want her to leave in a few hours. It felt wrong.

I needed her.

I had always needed her.

She was always there for me.

Where would I be without her? Where would she be without me?

I didn’t have the answers, I barely knew the questions.

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