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The man understands me so well.

That thought should terrify me.

I answer: "James."

He brings the riding crop down on my ass cheek, a swoosh of movement followed by a sharp crack as it hits my skin. I flinch at the sting, but it also sends a rush of adrenaline through my body, mixing with my arousal and sending me higher. When he runs his palm over my ass cheek, the heat from his hand soothes my skin. "Does that make you wet, princess?"

"Yes," I breathe.

Moving behind me, he slides his fingers between my legs, the tips running along my slit and teasing me. "You're so soaking wet and ready. Do you like the thought of being discovered out here like this, completely naked?"


I squirm as he finds my clit. "How about when I tell you what to do?"

He knows it does.

I hate myself for it, but we both know it does. I despise the idea of anyone telling me what to do, yet this man can order me around and I strip off my clothes in the middle of a stable, put my hands against a wall, and let him spank my ass with a riding crop.

Clearly, I've lost my marbles.

I hear the whoosh of the crop again before it lands on my ass. Thwack. The sting is sharp because it's unexpected, and it's followed by a dull throbbing as he palms my ass cheek. "You didn't answer, princess."

I clear my throat, blinking as my eyes water. "Yes."

Then his fingers are back between my legs, and I'm too distracted by the pleasure to think about the pain. "You have such a perfect little pussy," he muses as he touches me. "So smooth and slick and so tight. Have you been thinking about my cock inside this sweet cunt?"

"Yes," I breathe. My nipples are so hard and my breasts ache to be touched as his fingers tease my entrance, then pull away.

"Bad girl," he says, the crop against my ass again, and it's almost entirely pleasure now because of how close I am to the edge. "Naughty, naughty princess."

"Very." I let out a moan. My fingertips dig into the side of the wall, the rough boards against my palms, as he slips two fingers inside my wet and willing pussy.

"So very tight," he observes, his voice strained. He strokes me until his fingers find just the right spot inside me. My breath comes in shorter, quicker gasps.

As his fingers work me, I find myself moaning the word, "Yes," over and over. His other hand grasps my ass cheek, spreading me. His thumb finds my asshole, and when I flinch at his touch, he pauses. "Does that make you wet, princess?"

"I've never…" I let my voice trail off, the implication obvious. The words fade, and I'm no longer the sure-of-herself princess.

He growls. Loud. "No one's ever touched you there before me?" he asks. He presses his finger more firmly against my asshole and my pussy clenches tightly on his other fingers in response, the sensation almost overwhelming.

"No," I whisper.

"Fuck." He exhales the word, squeezing my ass cheek over and over like he's evaluating what he wants to do. Then he finally speaks. "This is mine."

"I'm no one's."

"You're wrong, princess," he whispers in my ear. He draws his hand back before bringing it firmly onto my ass. Tears sting my eyes. "All of this is going to be mine. Your pussy, your ass, your mouth is all mine."

A surge of arousal courses through me, almost too intense to bear, even though his fingers remain still, unmoving inside of me. I want to come on his fingers, more than anything else in the world right now.

My pussy squeezes involuntarily at the thought and he chuckles. "You didn't think I was going to let you come so quickly, did you?"

I whine my response, my body simultaneously disappointed and more aroused as he takes away his fingers and leaves me empty and throbbing, the way he left me before in the library.

I want to scream.

"When you come, it's going to be on my mouth, sweetheart. I want you to come with my tongue inside you. I want to taste you."

The promise leaves me dizzy, which is why I don't have a smart-ass response when he tells me where he wants me. "On your knees."

I sink to my knees, right on the dusty floor. I don't know why I do it unquestioningly, but I do. The throbbing between my legs competes with the throbbing of my ass cheeks, but I kneel there, my face upturned and waiting. The bulge in his pants is right in front of my face, and it's too tempting. I slide my palm over it, and his expression darkens.

He swats the crop lightly against my behind, and I let out a surprised yelp. "Did I tell you to touch my cock, princess?" he asks.

I bite my lip to hide my smile. "No."

He lightly swats my ass again. "No, what?"

He knows I'm not going to call him Max, but I have to fight the impulse. I won't let him win, because the game is too much fun. "Sir."

Now he's the one who looks like's he's fighting back a smile. "Better."

He runs the crop over my bare backside, and I find myself arching my ass up so that he can get a better reach. "May I, Sir?" I ask sarcastically.

When he undoes the buckle on his belt, my mind immediately goes straight to the dirty things he could do with that leather belt and my ass. I don't know where that's coming from because I've never fantasized about it before, yet I find myself craving it from him.

His eyes never leave mine, as he slides his pants down and takes his cock in his hand. He's so big – bigger than anyone I've been with – and I feel my pussy tighten involuntarily at the thought of him being inside me. Pre-cum drips steadily from the head of his cock, a long strand that shimmers in the early morning sunlight. I want to take it on my tongue, to taste him on my lips.

I need to taste him.

"May you what, princess? I want to hear you say it."

Heat and embarrassment rush through me at the idea of asking him to put his cock in my mouth, kneeling like I am right now on the dusty floor.

It's humiliating for a princess.

It shouldn't turn me on like it does.

"I want your cock in my mouth," I say, my voice trembling with anticipation and embarrassment.

He strokes himself, his cock inches from my lips. "It's not very polite of a princess to make demands."

He wants me to beg for it.

Anyone else who'd tell me to get on my knees this way, who would order me to call him "Sir", who'd lecture me on being polite when his cock is inches from my mouth, would get a swift knee to the groin.

Except for Max.

When Max tells me to do it, I'm breathless.

I swallow hard. "Please."

Guys throw themselves at me, eager to be seen with the Princess of Protrovia. They don't spank me with riding crops. They don't tell me I don't have permission to come. They don't put me on my knees.

They don't make me say please.

"Say it again."




I can't believe I'm looking at Princess Alexandra completely naked and kneeling in front of me. I'm hard as a rock at the sight of the girl who was such a total brat when I met her – the girl who's still kind of a brat – on her knees asking me to put my cock in her mouth.

Saying please.

It's insane. She won't say my name, but she'll beg me for my cock.

One hand tight on the handle of the crop, I stroke my length with the other. "Open your mouth," I demand, barely able to choke out the words as she arches up on her knees to reach me. Her mouth falls open, her tongue out like she's about to receive communion.

The image is too perfect, a fantasy I want to burn in my brain. Her eyes are bright, her breath short, and her arousal obvious. Guiding my cock to her tongue slowly, I savor every last second of anticipation before touching her. I watch fascinated as pre-cum drips from the head of my cock onto the tip of her tongue.

She lets out a little moan.

She moans because she tastes me.

The thought makes me want to come all over her tongue right now.

I've never felt anything like her warm mouth.

She wraps her lips around me, and my eyes immediately and involuntarily close because her mouth is heaven.

But when her hand goes to the base of my cock, my eyes burst open and I have to swat her ass with the crop. It makes a little cracking sound and she moans when it hits her. Her moan sends vibrations through her mouth that only intensifies my pleasure.

"Did I tell you to touch me?" I ask. I don't know where the question comes from. Hell, I don't know where any of this comes from. I've never been a whips-and-chains kind of guy. I'm no fucking virgin, but even so, I've never even had the impulse to smack a girl's ass, let alone grab a riding crop and spank one.

I've never handcuffed a girl and I've certainly never told one to get on her knees and beg me to swallow my cock.

I don't know what it is about this woman, but I can't stop ordering her the hell around.

And I don't want to stop.

"Put your hands on your thighs, princess," I growl, and she does it, her palms going flat on her thighs. The fact that she complies immediately without arguing makes me even harder. "I'm going to fuck this wet mouth, princess. You're going to kneel like this, with your hands on your thighs like that, and you're going to let me fuck your mouth just the way I want to."

"Yes," she moans.

I trace the crop on the outer part of her hips. "Yes, what?"

"Sir," she whispers.

"Good girl." My pants fall to my knees as I grab a handful of hair to steady her as I enter her mouth without her hand to guide me in. Her lips tighten around me, and I make short, steady thrusts inside her. She swallows me deeper with each thrust, her tongue applying pressure on just the right places as I move.

When I tell her to touch her breasts, she moans loudly as she slides her palm over them. Her fingers play with her nipples, pinching and pulling, as she sucks me more vigorously the more she touches herself. She groans, and I think I'm going to lose my mind. "Fuck yourself with your fingers," I tell her.

Her hand goes lower between her legs, and even though I can't see what she's doing I know by her groan that she's doing exactly what I told her to do. The princess is on her knees with her fingers in her pussy, moaning while I fuck her mouth.

I very nearly lose control, thrusting inside her so deeply that her eyes water.

Oh, hell.

My knees nearly buckle, and I groan my frustration as the crop falls from my hand to the floor. I don't lose control. Ever. Her whimpers get louder, and I know that if she comes, I'm definitely going to lose control.

"Take your fingers out of your pussy. You're not coming that way," I growl. "I told you, you'll be coming on my tongue, not on your own fingers." I'm so close that I can't think clearly. My head is swimming as I fuck her mouth faster. "Do you taste me?" I ask. My cock feels like it's going to explode, my balls heavy to the point of bursting.

She nods, her eyes blinking as they fill with water again, but now I'm past the point of caring. I yank on her hair, fucking her mouth roughly the way I want to thrust into her.

"I'm going to come in this sweet little mouth," I warn, part of me expecting her to pull away at the last minute. "I'm going to come in this smart-ass, disobedient, filthy little mouth, and you're going to swallow every last drop."

She groans her response. The sound sends vibrations through me that nearly push me over the edge. Then she reaches up and touches my balls, her fingertips going right to the sensitive part underneath. My balls clench, and I let go with a roar.

I come like that, right into the haughty princess' mouth, and she swallows everything I give her.

Afterwards, I reach out and touch the side of her face. My fingers trace the edge of her jawline until I reach her chin, tilting her head up to look at me. I find her lip, my thumb running over it softly. "Are you okay?" I ask. "That was..."

I don't have words for it.

Intense. Insane. Nothing I've ever done before.

But I don't articulate any of those things.

"Crazy," she whispers. Her lips pull into a smug smile, and I don't know what that's about until I realize it's that she's pleased with herself for defying me at the last moment.

I feel a low rumble in my throat. "You touched me when I told you not to."

As if I didn't want her to touch me. Her touch was perfection. It was the thing that pushed me over the edge. Her touch unravels me, and she has no idea how easily it destroys me.

"Yes, I did." She takes my hand and I pull her up. Her movements are graceful and elegant, even in the middle of a damn stable.

And still so damn defiant. She stares at me, as if daring me to do what I want to do – to taste her. I've never wanted to taste anything so much in my entire life.

"You're always trying to take control," I say softly, reaching for a nearby rope. I was only kidding about ropes before, but the minute I see it, I know exactly what I want to do. "Your hands, princess."

She laughs, the sound soft. "You really think I'm going to let you tie me up?"

"I think you're going to let me tie you up, and then you're going to let me lick you until you come on my tongue. I think you're going to let me fuck you with my tongue until you scream. I think your voice is going to go hoarse from calling my name."

A smile crests her lips. "You're very full of yourself, aren't you?"

I loop the rope through a ring hanging from the nearby wall, and then bring it to her wrists. "Do you trust me?"

"Never." She smirks, but she holds out her hands anyway, and I loop the rope around her wrists and tie it in a knot. She looks down at her wrists. "Something tells me you've done this before, James."

"What can I say? I'm a Boy Scout."

When I pull the end of the rope, her wrists go up until they're just slightly raised. Then I step back and admire my work.

There's something ironic about her allowing me to tie her up like this. Princess Alexandra is the princess who never wants to be caught. She's spent her whole life running, evading being under anyone's thumb, and doing everything the exact opposite of what the authority figures in her life want her to do.

Yet here she is, standing in a stable with her wrists tied together.

"Well, Boy Scout." Princess Alexandra steps to the side, spreading her legs for me, a mischievous expression on her face. "Show me what you've got. Unless what you've got is all talk."

I can't help but smile as I step toward her. "I think you know I'm not all talk."

Her lips are soft, lush, and pliable under mine. When my tongue finds hers, there's no more fighting, no more arguing. Only surrender.

I take my time, my hands roaming her body as if they weren't just all over her minutes ago. My fingers dance across her skin, teasing her even though I know she's already on edge after everything that just happened. She whimpers as my fingertips trace the outline of her breasts, circling her nipples and skimming over their surface until they're erect and she's moaning. My hands on her waist, I dip down to her breasts, taking one and then the other

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