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His rhythm increases, and he leans over my back to reach around and cup one of my breasts while his other hand still grips my hip, providing him with leverage. I grunt with each deep thrust, closing my eyes and focusing on the feeling of him inside of me.

He reaches around my hip and finds my clit with his fingers. I gasp as soon as he does and start moaning when he rubs the sensitive nub. He presses against it, rubbing in a circle as I push back with my ass to meet his thrusts.

There’s a rippling sensation in my gut, which spreads down and through my thighs. I tense as the wave hits me hard and cry out. As my muscles clench around him, Falk gasps and slams into me rapidly

“Oh, fuck! Yeah!” He empties into me and then drops his head to my shoulder. He keeps his arm tight around my torso, holding me up as he delivers a final stroke.

He kisses my shoulder, leans back, and pulls out of me. My skin is instantly cold as the contact is lost, and I reach over to grab the blanket and wrap myself up in it. Falk lies beside me, holding me against his warmth, but it doesn’t last.

“We need to move,” he says. “Get yourself together.”

He jumps out of bed, leaving me no time to argue any points about staying put for the day. I wouldn’t win such a debate anyway.

After a quick rinse in the cold shower, dressing, and eating, Falk is anxious to get moving again. He lifts his backpack to his shoulders and grabs his rifle.

“So, where are we going to go?” I ask.

“I want to head toward one of the army bases in the area,” Falk says. “Something outside the city. I think the chances of finding someone are better.”

“How far is that?”

“Forty miles or so east,” he tells me. “There’s a National Guard armory in Monroe. If we keep up a decent pace, we could make it in a couple of days. Do you think you’re up for it?”

“That’s a lot of walking.”

“It puts a lot of distance between us and them. We should be able to find enough supplies along the way to keep the load light.”

I bite my lip and look out the window. Clouds have blocked the sun, and it looks like it might rain. This place isn’t bad, and a part of me wants to just hunker down and hide here. Falk steps up and strokes my cheek.

“We’ll stop when you need to,” he says. “It really won’t be that bad.”

“What if there’s no one there?”

“Then we go on to the next one.”

“You want to head toward Washington, don’t you?”

“Eventually, yes,” Falk says with a nod. “I think we should make our way there. Survivors will flock to that area.”

“I don’t know if I want to ‘flock’ toward everyone else,” I tell him. “For all I know, I’ll be the only woman there. It won’t be any different except there will be more people.”

“Not gonna let that happen.”

“All right,” I say with a sigh. “Let’s do it.”

“There’s a VA hospital close to here,” Falk says. “I want to stop there and make sure I have all the first aid supplies we might need. We should be able to get water there as well.”

In distance, the hospital really isn’t too far. The problem is, I haven’t slept at all. I’ve got a headache; I’m lightheaded and even a little nauseated. Falk’s annoyed with how slow I am and keeps urging me to go faster.

“What the hell is the problem?” He’s been patient, but he finally snaps at me.

“I’m tired!”

“It’s not even ten o’clock yet!”

“I didn’t sleep much.”

He’s perturbed but doesn’t push it anymore. He keeps his hand on my lower back, pressing lightly to keep me going but doesn’t mention it again.

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