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“Like this?” She curls her fingers around her thumb. “You’re supposed to hide your thumb to protect it, right?”

“Not exactly. You can put the thumb behind the index and middle finger, but you have to be careful because you can injure it that way. Most of your power is going to come from the fist, and the thumb is just there to help. Hold your hand out, palm down.”

She does as I ask. “Now bring the tips of your fingers into the base. The last action is to draw your knuckles inward until the first joints are pointed toward the ground and the knuckles closest to your wrist are the most prominent.” I show her with my hand.

“Oh, this is different, but it feels stronger.” She knocks her fists against each other.

“Good. The way to measure if your fist is tight enough is to press your thumb in the space between your index and middle. It should not give way.”

Her tongue appears as she tests out the resilience of her fist. I avert my gaze toward the ceiling. I can’t be getting worked up here.

“If you do have to fight, let the attacker’s momentum do all the work. If someone rushes toward you and you can escape, use their energy against them. Remember that basic rule of physics. A body in motion stays in motion.” I gesture for her to come close. “When the attacker nears, grab their forearm or wrist or any part below the elbow with both hands.” I place her fingers around my arm. The touch of her makes me sweat. I clear my throat. “Then pivot, hard, driving your hip into the gut or leg of your opponent. Keep pivoting and the momentum should drive them into the ground. Do you want to try?”

“Yes!” She gives me a thumbs up and then dances backward. I rush toward her. She does everything I told her—grabs my wrist, pivots, and throws her sweet ass into my groin, and that small contact sends an electric shock through my whole body. I lose my balance and end up on my back.

Violet lets out an excited shriek. I groan. This was a mistake. Any kind of close physical contact with Violet should be avoided at all costs. Kissing her was already pushing the limits of my self-control, but being on a mat, getting sweaty with her hands all over me? I might as well throw myself into the ocean without a life vest.

“Am I doing this right?” Violet pants as I lie on my back.

“Yeah.” I roll over and pretend like I’m in pain—which isn’t much of a lie because my dick is so hard from the contact with her body that it might break off.

She jumps to her feet. “I didn’t think I’d be able to throw you.”

Her small feet dance around my face as she hops in excitement, and I swear I feel a surge in my dick. Why do I think her feet are sexy? It’s nuts, but the sight of her ankle is turning me on in ways that shouldn’t happen.

Fuck. I’m down bad.

What am I going to do? I promised her a whole hour, and we’re just fifteen minutes in.

“Like I felt your movement and just leaned into it. Suddenly you were over my hip and on your back. I couldn’t believe it.” Her small toe nudges my arm. “Can we try it again? I want to make sure it’s not a fluke.”

“I think you got it.” I get up and try to discreetly adjust myself. At least I’m wearing jeans and not sweatpants. I hobble over to the sofa and flip on the television. “Let’s watch some safety videos.” I can’t have her hands on me again.

“I remember everything though. I need to practice my moves.” She throws out two punches, ducks down, and then lifts her knee up. “What do you think?” she asks.

I wipe a hand over my face to hide a smile. She’s so adorable that I want to eat her up and then tuck her into my pocket. “Come over here, Cobra Kai.” I pat the sofa cushion. She detours behind the bar and pulls out two sodas. She presses one of them against her neck, and I almost swallow my tongue. I let my head fall back against the sofa and close my eyes. This is some kind of torture, but I’d rather have eternal blue balls than not be in her company.

Chapter Six


I already feel more confident. For the first time in a long time, my life feels a little bit more in my control. As though I don’t have to take whatever comes my way. I don’t know if Sebastian will ever know what that means to me.

He’s cleared away some of the fog that's been clouding my mind. Given me a glimpse of hope that maybe I can lead somewhat of a normal life at some point. Well, more normal than I have been anyway.

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