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“Sorry, old man, you’d scare the hell out of her.”

Mom lets out a cackle while Dad’s face gets poker stiff.

“I’m a nice guy.”

“Uh huh. See ya.” I give them both a lazy salute and escape to my car to text Violet.

Me: Survived another Sunday dinner. Wyd?

Violet: I’m eating pizza, again. I think I’m getting fat

Me: You looked good to me this morning but I’ll be over to take a look in about an hour. I gotta go to the office and arrange for a car to be sent to my mom. She needs an oil change and doesn’t want to do it herself. Anything u want me to pick up while I’m out?

Violet: No

Me: I’m going to stop and get a blizzard. I’ll get you one and you can put it in the freezer for some other time

Violet: Okay

In the office, I send out some emails and review a little paperwork, but just as I’m about to leave, I get a call.

“Hey, Turner, this a bad time?”

I check the ID screen. It’s a call from the police department. “Nah, Kent, what’s up?”

“A notice came across my desk that your boy Adam’s getting out tomorrow.”

“The fuck?”

“Yeah, I know. He was supposed to be released in three weeks, but for some reason the doors are opening tomorrow. Thought you would want to know.”

“I do, man. Thanks a lot. I owe you one.”

“Sure. No problem.”

I hang up and nearly get a charley horse from swallowing the urge not to fling my phone against the wall. The wedding happens in a week. We planned it so that Adam would be inside, locked away. There are going to be strangers at the house. I know I can’t call off the wedding because Violet would be beside herself, but now that he’s out, it’s going to be a perfect opportunity for him to get to her. What a frigging nightmare.

Chapter Twelve


I run my fingers along the silky material, wondering what Sebastian would think of this on me. All of my panties and bras match, but they are simple and functional. I’ve never given much thought to wearing something so sexy before.

The truth is that I hadn’t ever thought of myself as being sexy before I saw the way he looked at me. That heat in his eyes always has me feeling as if I’m some sort of goddess. I have to say that it’s addictive.

I’ve always thought of myself as more of the sweet and cute type. I’m not saying that I think I’m unattractive. But that being with Sebastian this last week has brought out a different side of me. Making me realize that who you’re with can set the tone for how you feel. And make no mistake about it, when I’m with Sebastian I feel as though I’m the sexiest woman in the whole world.

“Are you going to get something?” Eden asks, pulling a teddy off one of the many racks filling the sitting room. I was so lost in my thoughts of Sebastian that I forgot what we were doing in the first place. Eden had arranged for a bunch of different designers to have racks of new items delivered here. She wanted to have a girls’ day where we’d try on things and have fun. She is loading up on lingerie for her honeymoon and a few things for the wedding as well.

I know they keep having these shows and pop-up stores in our home for me. No one ever mentions it. My family never makes me feel guilty for not leaving the house. Yet, it still doesn't stop me from feeling that way. It’s hard not to feel as if you are an inconvenience when everyone else has to change their lives to accommodate you.

“Maybe.” I shrug, trying to play it off, but I know Eden is staring at me as I keep going through the rack.

I have no clue if they’ve all figured out that things between Sebastian and me have changed. Whenever anyone else is around, Sebastian is all business and professional. I know it’s his job, but it makes me feel a bit self-conscious that he might not want anyone to know what’s going on between us.

It might be me. It’s been so long since I’ve been on a date or even around men that weren't related to me that I might be making things up in my own head. I always get in my own way.

“This.” Eden holds out a silky dark blue teddy. “That color on you is going to be hot.”

I take it from her and head into the bathroom across the hallway to see how it looks on me. Excitement bubbles up in my stomach at the thought of surprising Sebastian with this.

I pull my clothes off before slipping it on over my head. It falls perfectly over me. The feel of the silky material against my nipples has them hardening. My mind instantly goes to Sebastian taking them into his mouth.

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